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Visitor Demands To Adopt A Cat From Its Existing Home: Reddit Storytime

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    Font - I volunteer fostering cats. My cats tend to go to a cat cafe, so I don't typically do meet and greets, but when I do, I'll have people stop by so they can see the cat in its territory and get a good sense for the cats personality.

    Awww, we salute everyone who works to rescue and help stray cats to find their furever homes, it's such important work!  We've also covered a lot of animal preserves and cat sanctuaries abroad doing good work that really helps get cats the right care so that they can be healthy and happy! We wonder how this story could get negative, it has such a positive and fun beginning! 

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    Font - A mom and her 4 yo daughter stopped by to meet one of my kittens. She applied online and went through the foster organization so I didn't know her, but my husband was home so I felt pretty safe.

    Awww, yes, it seems like a positive start. A four-year-old is not exactly old enough to be taking care of an animal by itself yet, but they can still start learning about how to take care of a n animal and also bond with a pet that they can love for years and years to come. But seriously, we wonder how this story will go, because who would possibly be mean to someone holding an adoption fair for foster cats?

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    Human body - I have 4 cats of my own, and for this meet and greet I shut them in my guest room just to make things easier. They're not huge fans of kids anyway.
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    Font - Everything was going great, they met and liked the kitten and when we were walking back to the entrance, we passed the guest room and the 4 yo heard my cats meowing so she sprinted to the door and opened it before I realized what was happening.
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    Font - The cats scattered except for my gray one. He is an adorable boi, with a half milk mustache and little mittens. The 4 yo fell in love immediately and ran to him and started yelling that she wanted this one because it was the same as a stuffed animal she has.
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    Hair - The mom asked me how much it was for him and I politely said he wasn't for adoption.
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    Font - She kept arguing with me trying to get that cat, but like I said, he's my cat. The 4 yo started shrieking because she couldn't have the cat, and she picked him up. I asked her to put him down, but she's 4. She started squeezing him and he was trying to get away but so far hadn't used his nails (he's such a good boy).
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    Font - The mom made no moves to intervene, and I tried to take the cat without touching the girl but I didn't want to play tug a war and hurt the cat, so I, as gently as I could, tried to pull her arms apart and the mom came at me, screaming for touching her kid.
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    Font - The cat got away, and the whole way to their car the kept screaming about how I was a terrible person and I shouldn't have showed them a cat they can't have. The 4 year old was bawling uncontrollably. It was horrible. I felt horrible. The mom threatened to call the cops and my foster org.
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    Font - I alled some friends and family, and while everyone is shocked, they said I was definitely TAH for touching the kid. They said my cat could handle itself, but I was worried about the girl getting scratched or bitten and my cat shouldn't be subjected to a child squeezing it like he's a stuffed animal.
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    Font - But my SIL & MIL both said I should have just given them the cat if it meant that much to the child. The cat would be their only cat while he is 1 of my 4 and the cat would be happier with them too and made me feel terrible for causing all the drama. They said kittens are easier to adopt so adult cats should be given to whoever wants them.
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    Font - But it's my cat. I want him. They're all well taken care of and we love them very much.
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    Font - PhilRiverStreet180 Your SIL and MIL are idiots, at least in this case. What if the mother had taken a liking to your husband? I'm sorry you went through such stress when being a good person. I would hope you can end those doubts about how you handled this since your fostering agency is backing you.
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    Font - Snifhvide This! A cat isn't a thing to give away willy-nilly. Your cat has bonded with you and it loves you, just as you love it. It would be confused and sad to be taken away from it's home. If it isn't necessary for health reason or something similar important, a cat shouldn't change home. Your SIL and MIL don't know what they're talking about.
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    Font - Update: My foster org will not be adopting out to this family and will communicate with other cat adoption orgs in the area. I feel bad for limiting families that will adopt cats because of the over population of cats, but I never want to see a cat abused or adopted and then thrown to the side. Adult cats should be just as valued as kittens imo.

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