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Cat In The Middle Of Active Labor Found Abandoned Outside With A Note

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    Cat - SPACES

    "She was told there was a cat lying in a bed, right next to the mailbox unit. It was a strange thing to imagine, so Kayla quickly went to the scene to see what was going on. What she found was not what she expected," Lindsay Haglund, a board member of Coastal Bend Cat Rescue, explained.

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    The cat was in a bed with a towel draped over it and a note taped to a wall above her. "When the towel was lifted Kayla discovered three tiny newborn kittens underneath the cat." The sign read "Please help us!" in large print. Kayla and her coworker, realizing that the cat was in active labor, rushed to help and brought the cat and the three kittens she already managed to give birth to into their office.

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    Brown - Please help US Please help us!! y homans rere trash and &usholes

    "They cleaned her up and helped her deliver the last baby," Lindsay said. The momma cat needed a safe place to raise her litter of four, so Kayla and her mother Buffy, who are both volunteers for Coastal Bend Cat Rescue, reached out for assistance. "Kayla kept them safe for a few days in her apartment, and then Buffy took in the whole kitty family to foster them until adoption."

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    Cat - 送

    The tabby cat was named Bonbon, and her kittens - Reeses, Hershey, Dove, and Butterfinger - were all also named after candy treats. "The kittens were so small and fragile when they were found, but Bonbon took to foster care immediately because she was so grateful for a safe place indoors to nurse and raise her babies," Lindsay explained.

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    "Bonbon's babies are now three weeks old and growing up so quickly! She has been an amazing mama cat to her little ones," she added. She provides constant attention and the best care possible to these demanding and adorable kittens. Amazingly, despite the stress she had gone through, Bonbon continues to snuggle up and purr around her humans. 

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    "The amazing and kind-hearted volunteers who jumped into action to rescue Bonbon and her babies, make sure that she would never have to experience discomfort again," Lindsay said. Once the babies will be old enough, they will be put up for adoption and start looking for their forever home. "Bonbon and her kittens will all be spayed and neutered before adoption placement, which is so important to stopping the cycle of kittens being born outdoors on the streets."

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    Cat - MEOW.
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