I Can Has Cheezburger?

Mid-Week Animal Memes And Tweets For The Soul

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    Plant - * Father Drinks McGee: Necromanc... ... @drinksmcgee The Flamingo was the only natural predator of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. 7:04 PM · 1/21/21 · Twitter for Android

    The flamingo is known for its viciousness and extremely off putting physical appearance. Who would want to look at a majestic large bird with vibrant pink feathers? Definitely not the dinosaurs. 

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    Vertebrate - My cat is afraid of baths so in order to get him into one I have to fill it with rubber ducks

    This cat is so adorably afraid of baths that he must be strategically wooed into the tub with an abundance of rubber ducks. Sounds a lot like us when we were babies. Sighs, kids are just the cutest darned things. 

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    Photograph - *gentle gasp* "Trash" JERSEY 9OYS CHA
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    Cat - so i'm watching the first Silent Hill and noticed my cat was too here he is digging it and here he is not digging it anymore
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    Plant - I don't know who needs to see this, but here's a hedgehog in a little tent VĒGAN VIZARD
  • 6
    Product - the priory of the hązęł tree @cisgenderhaver yet another unrealistic body standard for women
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    Cat - He protecc He attac But most importantly he gets to location on bacc of quacc i need to know the story behind this
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    Cat - NOPE, HAVEN'T SEEN YOUR 1ST 2ND OR THIRD COFFEE O O CaturdayNightFeverWorld.wordpress.com
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    Dog - Uncle Duke @UncleDuke1969 “I feel the need... THE NEED FOR SPEED!" 10:33 AM · 9/28/21 · Twitter for iPhone
  • 10
    Organism - Hampter offers you a cookie Do you accept?
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    Table - FELINE FACTS: Why do cats purr? BEES
  • 12
    Photograph - give em the ol razzle dazzle
  • 13
    Vertebrate - hey u wanna do crimes?
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  • 14
    Bird - T have a gift. This very round bird.
  • 15
    Rat - Googled cool gaming mouse and I found this INNE
  • 16
    Bird - peace was never an option
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  • 17
    Photograph - Paul Bronks @BoringEnormous And I looked, and behold, a pale horse. And its rider's name was Death.
  • 18
    Jaw - I was trying to hide from this cat y'all. That1 @raejordanimages Cat: who we hiding from?
  • 19
    Primate - When you notice a typo immediately after you hit 'send'
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  • 20
    Cingulata - mad maenad Please. My rabbit. He's very sick.
  • 21
    Cat - When it's Sunday and someone says "let's get up and do something" so you give them this look:
  • 22
    Jaw - The smell of food awakened an ancient evil


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