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Recognizing Unique Cat Breeds (Dumpster, Car Engine, Parking Lot) In All Their Glory

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    Font - r/cats u/Magnhild94· 3d 1 1 3 21 2 19 4 PSA: Cat breeds are not like dog breeds Discussion Ya'll, stop asking what kind of cat your cat is. 95% of cats (in America at least) are just cats - if it is a recognized breed from a licensed breeder then you'll know because it'll be in the purchase or adoption papers. Otherwise, its just a Thank you for reading this PSA and continue enjoying your fluffy friends antics and snuggles. 4 20.6k 2.2k 1, Share + Award

    No OP, we thank you for making this PSA and educating all of us with this hilarious thread of all things cat breeds. Basically, cats are cats. Their breed can be determined by where they were found!

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    Product - mr-jaybird • 3d I have a grey green -eyed cat people INSIST must be a purebred Russian blue and l'm like he was a street kitten found in a box in Chicago lol Reply t 2.7k catashtrophe84 · 3d I have one of these too, his breed is scaredy-cat though. 4 901 3 ...

    This street kitten found in a box in Chicago belongs to a proud breed of felines from the south side. Adorability comes in all shapes, forms, sizes, cities, and random places. In this case, Chicago. 

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    Font - emilystrange123 · 3d My "corner of my carport" kitty came with the super expensive asthma, allergies, arthritis, and diabetes. If there's a cat diety, she knew what she was doing by placing this critter in MY carport! + 4 87 Anxious_Parking5111 • 3d I think dumpster kitties are the best breed 4 188 Snatch_Pastry +2 • 3d My current two are Houston street kittens. Very exclusive. 1 71 3
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    Font - sgtfury91 · 3d I have a wall cat and a ceiling cat, not as expensive as a dumpster cat but slightly rarer. + 521 ... ThePerfectSoup +1• 3d Found mine in the engine compartment of my car when he was a tiny kitten. Drove to work, and to lunch and back, with him in there . Thankfully he was unharmed. He's the sweetest! 296 ... LikeTheLibrary · 3d Mine is also a car engine kitten! Such a beautiful breed. 120 3 Lucky_Monster · 3d I also have a.car engine kitty! Beautiful and extremely sweet br
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    Font - stargirllana · 3d I have a Walmart parking lot cat! 1 48 zoobird13 +1• 3d Absolutely love my Walmart parking lot cat. Someone dumped her in the back of my husband's truck while he was working overnight. 6 t 23
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    Font - Squishypenny +3 · 3d I got my cat Loki from some crazy lady's shopping cart full of kittens at a Kroger (I think she cut her tail off, and that's why she has no tail. Vet said it was done badly too.) I got My fluffy girl from the woods; she was mauled by some larger animal, the poor girl. Had ear mites and scabs from the bite marks on her neck and so much blood in her wee fluffy fur :( 6 4 70 3
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    Product - tasteslikekb +1• 3d Mine were wood pile cats, cost more than any purebred l've ever encountered. Worth every penny. + 168 emilyethel +1• 3d I have two woodpile babies! And a trash can baby, a car baby and a street baby... Don't ask and please don't judge. 4 100
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    Product - MissPicklechips +2 • 3d My sister's orange tabby was rescued from a drainage ditch. Sweet cat, dumb as a box of rocks. 4 271 Rebakitten +2 • 3d I'm sorry, but I do think orange cats have more personality than brains, bless them. 1 283 ...
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    Rectangle - SardonicVampire · 3d 2 Awards I will have you know those are O r/standardissuecat and you can get them with many options, including whitewall paws, multicolored LED eyes and even special undercarriage options. 1.2k LylaThayde • 3d My cat has the low rider undercarriage option. 6 4 546
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    Font - Racheli30 +1• 3d 5 Awards Mine were dumpster kitties found at work. Very special, costly, exclusive breed. 6 Reply 1 9.2k KushKiitten · 3d hey i have 2 dumpster kitties that i found at my work too!! 1.6k Sassh1 +2 • 3d Striped dumpster cats are the absolute best but have attitudes 1 873
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    Font - Wolfir . 3d S 1 Award I should invent a DNA test like Embark or WisdomPanel for cats I'll charge like $200 and I don't even have to test the DNA, I'll just send a bunch of random numbers like "36% American Shorthair, 15% Maine Coon, 5% Egyptian Hairless, 8% Vietnamese Pot-Bellied" 6 Reply 1 867 John082603 +1• 3d "OMG! I just knew that she was something special... an Egyptian Shortsleeve!!!" 6 1 381 + ...
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    Font - fairydommother +2 • 3d My cats breeds are short haired chungus, blue eyed banshee, and blue owl. G Reply 620 lovebyletters · 3d 1 Award We have: a lorge ink blot a Noodle (he has no bones) • a Dwarven King (short, stout, takes zero shit) a ginger fluff a sun-dapple calico 4 298 sparkly_butthole · 3d We have: a trash gremlin a smol bean a doodle aka creature of evil a Wrexial, kitten of the deep a Roo aka Ollie aka O Ye of Little Face 6 4 119
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    Product - believeRN +1• 3d When I called to schedule our kittens first vet appointment the receptionist asked "what kind" of cat... I was just like, "um, it has fur that's orange and white and stripey?". Like...it's a CAT. 5 Reply 1 1.2k SonicSingularity +2 • 3d My vet just asks long/medium/short hair + 4 462
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    Product - scaly_friends_4me +3· 3d And every long haired cat is not a Maine Coon. 6 Reply 1 3.1k TinnieTa21 +3 · 3d I love watching chat debates about whether it is a Maine Coon or a Norwegian Forest Imao. 1.1k 3 ... Sevandcats +1• 3d I speak French, so I was like "chat debates? Makes total sense" 887
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    Product - 1StoolSoftnerAtaTime +4 • 3d I have two standard issue cats, both slightly defective models and the best cats in the world G Reply 2.3k 3 Chole22 · 3d Sphynx Oooh standard issue, I like that. Most standard issue things are wonky in the best ways. 4 374 3 2 more replies RocketizedAnimal · 3d Standard issue, slightly defective- this is redundant. Sincerely owner of another best cat, who also keeps digging up my potted plants... 58 3

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