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Pawdorable Videos Of Puppies Playing With Baby Chickens

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    Wow, you wouldn't really expect a video of baby chickens meeting a puppy for the first time to be so calming and tranquil, but it certainly is! Our favorite part of the whole video might just be the dogs expressions as he interacts with the baby chickens for the first time! Such a beautiful and calming moment to watch play out, we hope these guys remain lifelong friends, even as they all grow much bigger and older, hopefully they can maintain this unique bond they so clearly have.

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    Imagine having both a pet dog and several small baby birds. Seems a bit overwhelming no? Thankfully these brave hoomans are paving the way for everyone after them who will own both chickens and dogs. In any event, it's a great positive that the two species can have such cute interactions all the time. If it's so easy for baby chickens and baby dogs to interact, then that begs the question, why do cats and dogs clash so much?

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