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Tumblr Animal Posts Of Hilarity And Peculiarity

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    Font - dreamlogic RIP RIP RIP i can never interact with my neighbor again holy fuck i was outside w/ my cat just now. and he went behind a shrub for a bit, and me not realizing my neighbor was on the other side of that same shrub, poked my head round and said way louder than necessary, "my SCRUMPTIOUS darling boy, what ever are you doing over there??" and this 40-something man i very rarely speak to handled it w/ remarkable grace and very tentatively responded ".watering my.. roses? you?"

    Yeah, you indeed cannot interact with this neighbor again. Good on him for this reaction though. The way we're sure he must have been mildly petrified and didn't want to provoke his clearly insane neighbor by reacting badly - we feel bad for him lol. Actually, we take it back, you should go talk to him, this is clearly an amazing friendship just waiting to happen. 

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    Rangpur - O saintprocula Follow Oct 26, 2021 Shocking how many people don't know that hens lay non-fertilized eggs and think the yolk they're eating is a baby chicken krolewska-ksiezniczka Follow Oct 26, 2021 once tried desperately to make my friend understand that yolks were not, like, a liquified potentiality of chicken, and she looked at me for a while and then said, "but they're both yellow." woolandflax Follow Oct 26, 2021 Behold A chicken alexseanchai Follow Oct 27, 2021 [image: a lemon.]

    We have to admit that as kids, we thought that exact same thing. There was a whole period that one of us felt hella guilty every time his mom made eggs for him. Clearly though, his mom was mistaken. He was not eating baby chickens, he was eating lemons. 

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    Rectangle - sm980 Ancient catboys Or, nyanderthals if you will, aidler-chan I most certainly will not.
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    Cat - male animals vs female animals male animals vs female animals in children's animated movies
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    Cat - me giving you a heartfelt gift: Patch Of Moss monsieurenjlolras this is absolutely a witch's familiar gathering ingredients
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    Jaw - ohh-lover Follow MEGALODON LEBT? Der Megalodon e» Meinung vom Me Robert Marc Lehman 675.567 Aufrufe vo 27:35 10 DICGEST CATC This says "Megalodon Alive?" in German but I'm so sleep deprived I read it as Megalodon LGBT? boymanmale Love wins 12,842 notes
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    Font - TIL A Lobsters Nervous System is So Similar to a Human's that Human AntiDepressants work on Lobsters via reddit.com wombuttress I don't like thinking about lobsters that can get depressed :( bogleech Good news! That's actually almost all animals! Fruit flies get drunk to deal with it and cockroaches malnourish themselves! retroactivebakeries that's not good news! fumu what do flies even get depressed about? did their fly wife take the fly kids? iceberg-dragon
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    Font - gibberishquestion years you have paraded around in public, wearing a hat that so boldly claims that women for want you and fish fear you. you know just as well as i do that this is a lie. can you live up to the bar your hat sets? currently you are being lowered into a tank of piranha, and only your wife has the controls to save you. does this woman truly want you, or will it be you who fears the fish? let the game begin grungegoths tumblr posts' standards have reached such level of absurd
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    Bird - life-sure-is-interesting 3 bluehairedspidey anonymous asked Are toucans a bird of prey ? is-the-owl-vid-cute Follow no. whilomm Follow what if you are a fruit or perhaps a berry is-the-owl-vid-cute Follow PoV: you are a fruit or perhaps a berry #im already a fruit
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    Font - ommanyte Follow snail as old as slime yugotrash Follow #worm as old as grime filthy and diseased
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    Helmet - cummunismkillls-deactivated2019 Sponsored Seal Grabs Diver's Hand & Now Diver Understands Give It Love Learn more Girl what am I being sold here? regularlesbian Follow Solidarity 184,267 notes
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    Vehicle - pardonmewhileipanic goat cat gluten-free-pussy A coat pardonmewhileipanic A gat lord-kitschener A friend
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    Font - diplobrocus S haldaisilme curseworm does mace work on birds curseworm if a heron is attacking me will mace be an effective deterrent curseworm time sensitive question please respond Source: curseworm 58,574 notes
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    Hat - its-the-real-me Follow this image of Mongolia's best known paleontologist standing in between the fossilized arms of Deinocherius is undeniably the most powerful image in paleontological history
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    Font - pirogieses Follow i fucking hate fruit flies literally get out of my face im not a fruit pirogieses Follow wait. 46,233 notes

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