I Can Has Cheezburger?

Time To Take In The Weekly Dose Of Cute (#162)

  • 1

    "this dog on my flight"

    Dog - USB USB EMPOWER Fasten seae belt while sented er your seat

    You know the one guaranteed way to make sure that you have an awesome flight? This. No matter how many babies cry on the plane, how many kids shove their feet into our backs, how many people take off their stanky shoes and walk around the plane, having an awwdorable puppy in front of us will have us smiling through anything.

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  • 2

    "My boy was fat- shamed today by a random stranger. Is he that chubby?"


    He is chubby, and we love him. We love chonky cats. Chonky cats deserve as much love as any other cats. And you know what, this cat doesn't even seem unhealthily chonky, he's just a bit bigger, and so long as you make sure he's healthy and happy, we think he's the most beautiful chonker ever. 

  • 3

    "My best friend is 17 today!!"

    Food - BIRHE RIPL
  • 4

    "Help me name my new one eyed friend!"

    Dog - -----------
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  • 5

    "My cat has been crying for hours to go outside, two seconds later shes at the door looking at me like this"

  • 6

    "Who bit the flan? One and only suspect"

  • 7

    "This Doberman on a flight to Tallahassee today. Wasn’t about to miss Thanksgiving with extended family this year."

    Vehicle - ABC16 A319 American A3191on artainment Mormation WATCH NOw
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  • 8

    "My wife bought our cats a sofa, then a throw pillow and finally a mini afghan."

    Furniture - OME
  • 9

    "My cat always wants to sit on my laptop while working so I just play videos of birds on YouTube to distract him"

    Computer - 12 Capai &
  • 10


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  • 11

    "One of my 2 cats has worked as a professional model in the past. Can you guess which one?"

  • 12

    "Came in from the kitchen while I was in the bedroom with my bf. I don’t own a cat"

  • 13

    "Oh my god. Soo cute."

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  • 14

    "Very tired"

    Cat - R 34 S
  • 15

    "This little lady makes it worth getting up at 2:30 every day. Thanks Sadie."

  • 16

    "Oh... you're home early"

    Light - बु
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  • 17

    "Indigo Bunting with Chicks"

  • 18

    "Winter is not cold anymore"

    Cat - TO IC r BANON
  • 19

    "Tidus after I told him there’s no more treats :/"

    Head - Times

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