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    Font - wow-david My parrot has a vague understanding of the word “no." He knows to stop doing what he's doing when he hears it, and he knows how to say it. He knows it's a word that is used when he's doing something he shouldn't be doing. However, being told "no" doesn't make him stop doing it in future. If he's ever out of my sight or if l'm not paying attention, I know exactly when he's doing something bad. Because he says "no" to himself as he does it.

    Our cat is the same. She's one of those annoyingly smart cats. So, she knows when she's doing something wrong, because she reads our reactions, but that doesn't stop her. Why would it? It's just that whenever she gets caught doing whatever it is, she dashes across the room so hard to pretend she wasn't doing it, she almost always ends up breaking something in the process. 

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    Font - surprisedentistry "i can leave the door open while i'm cleaning my bathroom," i reasoned to myself. "surely my beloved cat, Meatball, isn't dumb enough to try and jump into an open toilet full of Clorox" surprisedentistry i caught this tiny-little fool MID-FUCKING-AIR. i watched him start leaping and time literally slowed down. and then he had the audacity, the NERVE, to beep indignantly at me for ruining his plans ripleyandweeds his name is what surprisedentistry his name is Meatball Sou

    Never, and we mean never, underestimate the curiosity of a cat. Or the stupidity of a cat. Both are equally dangerous for everyone involved. Our smart cat would have done this because of the desire to know what the heck is stinking up the place, and our dumb cat would have done this… for the same reason that yours did it. Whoops. 

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    Font - herqueensguard that reminds me of a couple years ago when my dumbass stupid bee post was going around and someone was trying to argue w me abt how unethical beekeeping for honey was so i was like "ahaha what? i don't beekeep for the honey i throw that nasty goop out! i eat the bees. crunchy" and i thought they were going to try and kill me in real life sweetiepie08 OP I want you to know that you are a hero.
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    Product - @milicopeland A told this lassie sat next to me on the bus her guide dog was braw and she went "aw I wouldny Ken "a choked on ma irn bru, pure splutterin peridottea91 Follow Translation: I told this girl sent next to me on the bus that her guide dog was cute and she said "Aw I wouldn't know" and I choked on my coffee happyhumannoises Follow I think this is the first one of these that i literally couldn't understand a damn thing written
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    Organism - REI tilthat TIL that when British scientists discovered homosexual behavior in penguins in 1911, they were so shocked that they published the study in Greek so it would remain accessible to only a few scientists. via reddit.com xoxomegadeath the scientists My fucking god! These bitches gay! πρέπει να αποκρύψουμε αυτή τη γνση
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    Hair - What about your bag? It'sa bird in a tuxedo. He's very cute. Thank you. Hots your date tonight. Yas, exactly! mouldysushi: linguisticjubilee: rubyredwisp: rubyredwisp: Maisie Williams's cute "date" to the Emmys (x) Peter traded his Emmy for Maisie's date He looks so proud of it
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    Plant - Panda researchers in China wear panda costumes to give mother-like feeling to a lonely baby panda who lost her mother [x] neilnevins without context it looks like some guy disguised himself as a panda so he could sneak into their panda community and now he's making a quick getaway with the baby panda
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    Dog - steelplatedhearts Follow the hotel l'm staying in is having a chihuahua conference??? some lady told me there were over 300 chihuahuas in the building and if I wanted to, I could go watch the puppy competition in the morning. I'm in Heaven steelplatedhearts Follow this is the best day of my life 29,532 notes t7
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    Insect - other scorpions have really badass tail stingers and claws, but the lesser known tailless whip scorpion has an even better defense mechanism: just grab shit arourias Follow #me when I fucking GET you
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    Font - cheeseanonioncrisps S filmnoirsbian ndiecity alright I reflected on the self. I'm 100% sure the beasts are the issue here juicedoesthings Hell yeah bro. Time for top surgery juicedoesthings sorry homie. I see now you said beasts. Like, The animal . Not breasts. The word for boobs. Did not mean to threaten you. r. ndiecity this is so fucking funny 85,523 notes
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    Cat - lizziemcswagger: apupy: fruitsgarden: look at these idiots just sitting around get jobs contribute to society e lost-my-tongue Source: lisadain 312,579 notes ...
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    Font - milftual I love bears they're so fucking big and dumb milftual Anonymous said i thought you were a lesbian? Answer I am talking about the animal!!!!!! milftual horny goat weed Today at 1:30 AM this is kind of the opposite of straight people forgetting gays exist
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    Rectangle - eggcup Follow S gothkeanu eggcup we should domesticate seals 2003gazette u ring someone's doorbell and instead of hearing a dog's bark u hear a super deep terrifying seal bark and u hear a loud wet flopping noise eggcup that's the world i want to live in Source: eggcup 92,811 notes A
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    Font - RE tilthat TIL Frogs can be hypnotized by laying them on their back and stroking their stomach. Snails can sleep up to 3 years and 3% of Ice in Antarctic glaciers is just Penguin urine. via reddit.com sirobvious This guy is hogging all the facts eliteknightcats no. it's all connected
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    Fin - amygdalan-arm Follow check out this salmon i drew in my lecture notes amygdalan-arm Follow illuminated manuscript. 11th century monastery type work. Effervescent :D transmechanicus Are you a medieval monk liongerudothesilly justnoodlefishthings

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