11 Burns From The Jonas Brothers Roast That Have Us Burnin' Up For Them Again

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    Pete Davidson = #1 JoBro Stan

    Pete is the news again (when is he not?) after confirming that he and Kim Kardashian are in fact a couple. He also confirmed in this special that he is a huge Jo Bro fan. We're sure he and Kim would hire them to play their wedding. 

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    Nick's Wife Priyanka Sautés Him To A Crisp

    Nick and Priyana just welcomed a baby by surrogate together! One day when their child is old enough, they will always have this memory of their parents. 

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    Sick burn, Pri.

    Facial expression - ET He showed me how to use TikTok, for example, and I SHOWED HIM WHAT SUCCESSFUL ACTING CAREER LOOKS LIKE. PRIYANKA CHOPRA

    Roasting Nick about his ego will never get old.

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    Joe Takes A Stab At Lil Bro Nick

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  • 5

    Queen Sophie T Really Won IMO

  • 6

    John Legends Serenades The Boys With A Surprising Twist

  • 7

    Lilly Singh Has An Awakening

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    Lilly Comes For Kevin

    Font - "Kevin, you've always been the first at everything. Kevin was the first child. He was the first to finish school. He was the first to get married. He also was the first to get kicked out of the band." Lilly Singh then had a go at him, saying: "Kevin is actually my favorite Jonas brother. Because he makes you believe that anyone can be a pop star. When you see a picture of him next to Nick and Joe you always think, Wow, Nick and Joe are really close with their accountant."
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    Niall Horan And Joe Face Off

  • 10

    Danielle Jonas Roasts Kevin Even Without A Voice

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    Joe Roasts Big Bro Too

    Outerwear - JOEJONAS @joejonas I feel your pain @kevinjonas when you plan to meet your friends somewhere and you're the first one to show

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