I Can Has Cheezburger?

Power Of Love: Before And After Adoption Glowups

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    "When I first adopted him at 10..."

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    Awww, this poor kitty got one heck of a haircut before they were adopted. With a haircut like this one you sure would think that they were a hairless cat breed such as a sphynx, but no, it's just a really bad haircut. Perhaps they had fleas and that's why they had to cut the poor kitty's hair before they could be adopted into their forever home, who knows the true story.

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    "To now at (age) 12 :)"


    Wow, we truly have no words! Look at this beautiful kitty, with luscious long fur, peacefully napping. Twelve years old is actually quite senior in cat years, so this beautiful cat may not be running around all that much, but she sure is napping peacefully like the beautiful baby that she is! Such an awwdorable kitty. 

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    "From concrete pen to comfy bed!"

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    "3 years ago, a UPS driver found Rufio in a cardboard box on Thanksgiving Day."

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    "Grateful he was found and so were we."

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    "Shelter photo vs 5 months later"

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    "From an abandoned/rescued farm dog litter of suspected bassett mixes... here goes Charlotte..."

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    "The best ever case of false advertising turned family."

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    "Greta the little Chihuahua was a police seizure 50 dogs in a home. We have her a month now, she had 10 teeth pulled due to rot. She was very shy , she spoiled now!"

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    "Before adoption..."

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    "& 1 year later"


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