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Frogs Addicted To Online Gaming: Ridiculously Silly Twitter Thread

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    It all started with this hilarious video:

    Wow, the weirdest part of this video… well to start off there are a whole heckin' lot of weird things going on right here, but perhaps the weirdest part of this video might be the noises that the frogs are making, which don't sound like the ribbits we know and love. No, it sounds like a dog bark actually. Which is just crazy given that these are frogs and not doggos. We'll repeat that one more time, these are frogs, not dogs. Shocking, we know, but life is full of surprises. 

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    Font - Caleb is mcFreakin Caleb ... @AirheadedAviatR Replying to @DeenoDog I have never seen guard frogs before and yet here we are. The internet is a magical place

    Yes, once again, these are not guard dogs, but they sure are guard frogs. As a funny movie once said, life is like a box of chocolates and you never know quite what you're going to get, but we're guessing that you definitely didn't expect it to be a guard frog hopping up to stop you from taking your mobile game back. Ah, the things that we get to learn about thanks to the internet…

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    Font - Ора-Ора ФОраора13 Replying to @DeenoDog This looks cute, but frogs only act this way when they are extremely addicted to gacha gaming, PLEASE be a responsible frog owner and disable in-app purchases if you are going to raise them, (this is super funny, why are they guarding the phone??)
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    Product - pretty laddy @prettyladdy5 ... Replying to @DeenoDog I like this one frog that was chill the entire time
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    Rectangle - Nicolas Demers @npdemers Replying to @moonshinethefox @Opaopa13 and @DeenoDog "Everything the light touches is our kingdom. Except that corner. That belongs to the frogs. Don't even try it."
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    Gesture - Dom .. @m_o_x_d Replying to @DeenoDog Would their bite even hurt?? One fully leaps at you, could they even do anything to your hand?
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    Frog - Vanilla Mewlk ... @VanillaMewlk Replying to @DeenoDog the council has spoken, you may not use your phone until 2 moons from now
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    Font - TheMeekWarrior @WarriorMeek Replying to @DeenoDog All these people getting pitbulls and rottweilers trying to defend your home from robbers when pet rent is $300+ and monthly fees. Get a frog xD (this is a joke don't go get a dog to guard your home bc it requires specific training & please do research b4 keeping amphibians)
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    Jaw - Sinclair I) @S1NN1WEEV1 Replying to @DeenoDog "Just give him his phone back dawg"
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    Plant - RAY ALLEN @G5_AR Replying to @DeenoDog He kept calling their bluff Lmaoo the frog on the left was like "N 99 i we serious!!
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