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Super Cute Cats Getting Into The Christmas Spirit

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    Cat - Mark Primiano @Doctor1Hundred When I say everyone at the shelter adores Stephen, I mean it. The work Slack is full of pictures of him.

    Aww, look at this smol fellow all dressed up for Christmas in his favorite festive sweater! He has such a perfect tabby cat vibe about him that's full of merry an jolly energy, just what we want to see during this holiday season! If you're considering adopting a pet this December, this is a friendly reminder to consider all of the animals in the shelters right now, they could use a loving home!

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    Cat - roxy ... @Gloria26Roxy we made my dad dress up as santa so my cat could take santa pics

    Wow, we love this idea! Purr-haps we here at I Can Has Cheezburger should make this into a yearly tradition as well, just look at how pleased that cat looks to be getting gifts from Santa. Although Santa might not deem every cat nice, some of them just might end up receiving a lump of coal at Christmas instead.

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    Cat - Laura ... @kyrielle I think they're busy telling on me to Santa. #cats
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    Christmas tree - Timandra Dyer ... @tjd19 Replying to @ComCatMag Milly and Molly love a good Christmas tree
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    Vertebrate - Scorpio Scorpion @jrprahst73 ... The Christmas tree is up! Yay! #CalicoCrew #CatsOfTwitter #Cats
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    Cat - January Schreiber ... @schreibermama Our cat rockin' his Santa sweater BIRD SEED
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    Product - Lobster & Yeti Cats @CatsYeti ... #cats #CatsOfTwitter New Christmas Bedspread. Yeti is being so very good as he awaits the arrival of Santa Paws. Best Loves Best Loves
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    Santa claus - Anita Sheehan-Landis ... @Aknitter0609 Replying to @Doctor1Hundred My Jerry would have loved Stephen! Haha
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    Table - Jo Faben ... @FabenJoanne Replying to @ComCatMag Jess waiting for his Xmas Dinner
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    Cat - Anna Banana ... @anna204travels Replying to @ComCatMag
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    Cat - sylvianne Crucifix @sylvianneCrucit ... Lol christmas tree and the cat lol

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