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Man Brings Dog To Pet Friendly Mall, Karen With Service Dog Gets Unreasonably Offended

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    Font - AITA for bringing my dog to a store and making a person with a service dog mad? Not the A-hole I have a husky which is very well trained. It's not a service dog, it's my regular pet. He doesn't bite, attack or make a mess. Yesterday I went to the mall. Malls in my country and department stores in general are pet friendly, the only places the dog is not allowed into is the grocery store but everywhere else dogs are allowed unless stated otherwise by the business.

    Okay okay, we see you OP. Taking the doggo out and about to all the pet friendly places, we would do the exact same thing if we had more pet friendly businesses in our area! 

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    Font - As I was walking around a lady approached me and she had her service dog with her. She asked me why do I not have my dog's "service dog" tag on him and I told her its not a service dog. She was smiling and talking in a passive aggressive tone to me and said " then why would you bring a regular pet in here?". I told her "because l'm allowed to? It's not forbidden" to which she replied "well yeah it's not but what would happen if your dog attacked my service animal ?". I stated to her that

    No need for the passive aggressive attitude, lady. There's a nice way of doing things and there is the obnoxiously rude Karen way of doing things. We will let you guys be the judges on this one, but we already know which way we are leaning.

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    Font - I'm now wondering, AITA for bringing my dog to a pet friendly store and making that person upset??? Disclaimer : I get this question a lot. Yes my dog was on a leash. It's actually illegal to have your dog off leash unless it's on a private property where you are permitted to do so. In public places owners could face a fine if they don't have their dogs on a leash no matter now well behaved or trained they are. 3854 612 1, Share Award
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    Font - AstralEndeavor · 2d Partassipant [1] O 2 Awards NTA. By that rationale, people shouldn't bring their kids either in case a child tries to pet the service dog. Your dog was harmless in a place its allowed to be in, and you're not an asshole for a random person taking offense at your harmless actions. 6 Reply 1 5.5k 3
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    Font - mouse_attack • 1d Actually, service dogs are explicitly trained to be nonreactive to children, but it's also up to parents to teach their children not to try interacting with working dogs. I'm not going to vote that OP was t.a. if the laws of their country allow it; but a lot of owners have a blind spot about how well trained their dogs are. And badly trained dogs in public do pose a serious threat to service animals. Not only that, but badly behaved pets in business spaces get confused w
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    Font - literalgarbageyo · 2d Colo-rectal Surgeon [47] 2 Awards First: it sounds like you have a really well trained dog and are aware of where and where not you are allowed to bring it. In my book that makes you a responsible pet owner. Second: I HATE when people use hypotheticals to try to prove their argument. "well yeah it's not but what would happen if your dog attacked my service animal ?". I stated to her that my dog is not aggressive at all and as far as l've noticed he hasn't paid any at
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    Font - MarsWater5· 2d Asshole Enthusiast [9] NTA - I am one of those people that takes my well trained non-service dog everywhere. I could understand if your dog was pulling, howling, barking to get at her dog but .. The only issue she had was potential so she can stuff it. Don't lose sleep over it, maybe she was from away and didn't understand the norm? G Reply 260 wizardyourlifeforce · 1d Yeah, well-trained dogs in public spaces. I mean, if your dog pulls out of the leash, knocks me down and s
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    Font - madthegoat · • 2d NTA but l'll shed some light on her perspective. My dog is trained as a service dog and while I was going through some intensive counselling after a major medical issue he came with me everywhere. I specifically knew to avoid certain "dog friendly" stores because most people's dogs are not trained to ignore other dogs. While my dog would be on his best behaviour, someone else's dog barking and wanting to see my dog (even in a friendly way) could've distracted him from pi
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    Font - You were with your dog in a pet friendly environment, which you are 100% entitled to do. And all the more your dog is well trained and not reacting at her or her dog, even though she's getting all worked up. So you are of course NTA and she should be aware of places that would be unsafe for her and her dog to be. She also is further the asshole for not just leaving and trying to cause a problem when you were doing nothing wrong. Typically people who react like this actually don't have a t
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    Font - TallyPiper · 2d Asshole Enthusiast [7] NTA. Her dog is allowed to be there. Your dog is allowed to be there. She needs to stop harassing other people and stop being the problem. Makes me feel bit sorry for her dog that his person is such a b. G Reply 139 Miserable_Ad7928 OP · 2d A friend of mine suggested that maybe her dog wasn't a service dog actually and she had a fake tag so she could go around harassing people. I wouldn't be surprised since l've met many people with service dogs and
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    Font - TheGingerCynic · 2d Pooperintendant [67] what would happen if your dog attacked my service animal ?". I stated to her that my dog is not aggressive at all and as far as l've noticed he hasn't paid any attention to her service dog so far. She said "yeah but he could have" By that logic, you should've been arrested for theft and murder, because "you could have". NTA Taking a pet to a pet-friendly location is not an asshole move. Maybe she though having a pet (service animal) there made her
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    Font - drapervxdgwewq · 2d NTA. Busybodies will always find something to complain about. mwittevxzfvdsge · 2d NTA. If she has an issue with the policy she needs to take it up with mall management, not a general member of the public doing nothing against the rules 6 1 27 ...

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