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The Best Animal Christmas Cards Of 2021

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    Plant - Alexis @lexrnold3 This years Christmas card will feature our pet elk, Eugene

    Wow, we have so many questions! How exactly does one go about acquiring a pet Elk, and how do we get one of those ourselves? Eugene is the perfect name for an elk if we do say so ourselves, it definitely suits him. Merry Christmas Eugene the elk, your card looks amazing!

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    Dog - peeg @clearly peeg Stopped a dude at the colleges to pet his dogs & he gave us their Christmas card??? l'm in love.

    Hahaha, we should really start carrying around Christmas cards with all of our pets proudly displayed, it would definitely be very on brand. What a great way to spread joy and paw-sitivity this holiday season to everyone who stops to compliment your dogs. Keep on being super cool you good boys.

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    Dog - Merlyn the little blue rescue staffie @MerlynStaffie Happy #StaffieSaturday everyone! And a huge Thank you to @jamessbond20 for my wonderful Christmas card with Molly Dog posing it's going up as pride of place Christmas has now started Love Merlyn MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  • 4
    Dog - CanadianPenny H @CanadianPenny1 My frens @LolaJakeTheKiw1 made me this Christmas card! Ge Merry Christmas Love from Penny
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  • 5
    Dog - Rosemarie D-G @007rdg Try he 1st Christmas card has arrived and it made me laugh out loud. S This one is for the cat/dog lovers out there. n WRECK o THE HALL AND BLAME THE DOGGIES FALALALALA
  • 6
    Dog - McGregor The Westie * @McgregorWestie ... Got my second Christmas card today. Fank you very much Maxwell and Eddy. X Barking AROUND THe **TRee * MERRY CHRISTMAS! LOVE, MAXWELL & EDDY
  • 7
    Cat - Scruffkit ... @scruffkit Seasons of Christmas card be startings!!!!!! Hoppy e your TH AL ALL IS Calm brght Happy Holidays SI TIV
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  • 8
    Dog - Polly vom Rusteberg @Basset_Polly Thank you very muchfor the beautiful Christmas card @DomesticDervish l'm writing ours today
  • 9
    Dog - Charlie Hudson @CharlieHudz Back from my groom. We done a Christmas card. Mummy lubs it so much. She say I da bestest boy, but why do I let groomer do these fings wif me and not let her
  • 10
    Dog - DeniseEastie @DeniseEastie Replying to @CharlieHudz Merry Christmas The Banks Family
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  • 11
    Tableware - Enzo the saddest doggo @DoggoEnzo What a happy day frens, me got a Christmas card from Petunia Mae ppy Paus-lidays
  • 12
    Christmas tree - Larry Rippel @lrippel A Christmas Card I did for a Client at her house. It turned out pretty good. Her dog was perfection.
  • 13
    Photograph - The Dragon & The Fox @DragonAndTheFox Christmas Card: Sorted. So happy. So joy.
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  • 14
    Human - Rat boy @golgothaRat Here's the Christmas card I made for my pub landlord, featuring the pub dogs...
  • 15
    Smile - Jordan ... @jordan250_ Replying to @fispeaks I wanted a dog Christmas card but I don't have a dog so decision made

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