Scary Science Facts That Most People Don't Think About

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    Font - Posted by u/Lionzxz 5 days ago 2 1 1 101 65 3 85 [Serious] What's a scary science fact that the public knows nothing about? Serious Replies Only
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    Font - Magoogooo · 4 days ago 50% of insects have disappeared since 1970. Insect population is down 27% in the last 30 years. Declining between 1 and 4% each year depending on the genus 1.5k Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow
  • Via u/cruttysack: “All onions (all veggies in the Allium family)are toxic to dogs. Worst can senario then can develop AIHA, Auto immune hemolytic annemia, whereas the body destroys its own red blood cells. This disease is about 80% fatal. My dog caught it(we are not sure from where) but is was a primary disease(not a result of a cancer). We think he was eating leeks out of the garden. Took a week in the hospital, 2 blood transfusions, and about 6 months of meds to get him back. He started at 45lbs and was down to 19lbs at the worst part of it”

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    Font - Keiterchip · 4 days ago · edited 4 days ago 5 3 3 2 Heart muscle cells don't reproduce much in adults (roughly 1% per year). If you have an infarction or other stressor that kills those cells, then your heart wont be able to "grow" new cells to replace the dead ones. This is why patients with diseases like heart failure end up needing a heart transplant. Trying to get this process to happen is a major goal for many cardiac researchers.
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    Eye - lion__song · 4 days ago · edited 4 days ago -- also why cocaine should be used very, very infrequently (if at all) as it's directly cardiotoxic.
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    Rectangle - flakesw · 4 days ago · edited 4 days ago 2 4 & 5 MOe I was a heavy cocaine user for awhile and I still have weird dull pain in my heart at times that like lightly goes all the way down my left arm briefly. I used to get these pains all the time and my left arm and fingers would get cold when I was using a lot of cocaine. I'm talking several grams by myself with lots of cigarettes and speed. Been clean for awhile now. Life is much better. Edit: just want to say this, I was a man who c
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    Font - Electric_Kiwi007 · 4 days ago 1 in 3 people will get cancer... It's pretty fucked 6.3k Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow LnxBil · 4 days ago It's 2 in 5 in the US and slightly higher in the EU, especially Germany, where it is almost 1 in 2
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    Font - ivanthemute ·4 days ago Late to the party, but here goes: There are weaponized strains of anthrax which can remain viable and dangerous for 40+ years after release. In 1942, the UK tested an anthrax bomb on Gruinard Island, killing a flock of sheep in days (some died in hours.) Examination showed that the spores could remain active "for decades" and decontamination proved impossible at the time. The project was scrapped. Fast forward to 1981, an eco-terrorist group smuggled a sample off o
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    Rectangle - arliman · 4 days ago O Anthrax spores can remain viable for decades in the soil or animal products such as dried or processed hides and wool. 11.6k Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow
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    Font - Chariatid · 4 days ago 3 2 When doing an autopsy they don't put the organs back where they belong, they are all stored in the belly. 21.7k Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow Blue-And-Metal · 4 days ago 12 All together in a bag, like giblets in poultry. 6.4k Reply Share ...
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    Font - aldergone · 4 days ago the Egyptians use to put them in jars 3.3k Reply Share
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    Font - UIU b-wheezie · 4 days ago Scientists don't know exactly how Acetaminophen works to relieve pain and reduce fever. They have an idea but nothing for sure. But yet it's the most commonly used pain reliever in the world. 10.8k Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow it-muscle · 4 days ago This is actually true of a large number of medications. 4.8k Reply Share •.. abacus_porkrind · 4 days ago Man the phrase "the mechanism by which this works is not well understood" is indelibly etched in
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    Font - PsychologicalBend467 · 4 days ago Trauma can cause structural changes to your brain. PTSD is literally an injury. 6.1k Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow pinkhairgirl37 · 4 days ago Trained dogs can smell when someone with PTSD is triggered. (The amygdala tells the body to start producing stress hormones and dogs are able to smell the sweating that causes) Great book on PTSD if anyone is interested: The Body Keeps the Score by Van Der Kolk. 4 2.4k Reply Share ...
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    Font - nervouscrying · 4 days ago Approximately 60% (in some reports) of the world's population have the parasite toxoplasma gondii in their brain. For a long time it's through to have been a benign presence, but recent statistical research shows that it may have an impact on things like levels of anger and rates of accidents and suicide. When gondii is on rats it changes their behaviour so that they find the smell of cat urine sexually appealing. So they find cats and get eaten. In the gut of t
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    Font - TheJWeed · 4 days ago 27 4 3 3 9 I only recently learned that when you get sunburned, the burn isn't because of skin cell damage. The UV radiation damages the DNA. Then the skin cells decide to commit suicide and fall off so that the damaged DNA doesn't produce cancer. I'll never be mad at my skin peeling again. 28.8k 5 Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow
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    Font - jimmy_sharp · 4 days ago This is not to say that you won't get skin cancer from sun burn because you're skin peels. You absolutely WILL get skin cancer if you burn over and over. Source: am 35 with a dozen Basel cell carcinomas and one Squamous cell carcinoma removed from my body by way of surgery. Have been sunburnt more times than I can minor remember and peel like a leper after the bad ones 3.5k Reply Share ...
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    Rectangle - hagantic42 · 4 days ago The United States has lost and never recovered at least six nuclear devices. 3.4k <5 Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow
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    Font - pbourree · 4 days ago · edited 4 days ago 16 & 15 More If your dog swims in a lake after receiving a spot on flea treatment it absolutely decimates the invertibrate population. A large dog swimming in 8 Olympic swimming pools worth of water soon after treatment will leech enough neurotoxin to kill 50% of the lake's invertebrate population within 48 hours. I say "after" I mean relatively soon after, within say a day, to have an effect quite this devistating. The leeching does reduce over t
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    Font - OddCartographer4 · 4 days ago I never knew this was why, but I remember working in a vet clinic (at the front desk) and they told us to always tell people not to let their dogs go for a swim in any body of water for at least a week after getting a flea treatment. I always assumed it was bc the medicine would just wash off 5.4k Reply Share ... Nykcul · 4 days ago This is why it is so important to tell people the why! Really easy to ignore advice or instruction of you don't understand the i
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    Font - nhaire123 · 4 days ago · edited 4 days ago ® 2 a & 2 More DuPont knowingly infected over 90% of the American population with PFOA's, a harmful plastic that has a half life of 20 years. Lawsuit is still ongoing but no one seems to be bothered Edit: This link will talk about the different trials and settlements that DuPont and companies alike have faced. Also talks about what a PFOA and it's dangerous effects. 10.5k Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow
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    Rectangle - nicklamb73 ·4 days ago 2 I heard that it's actually worldwide, John Oliver did a segment and he spoke of a study where a team went to pretty much every continent and everyone has a bit of pfoa's in their blood bc of it 4.5k Reply Share ...
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    Font - Agent__Caboose · 4 days ago This is actually a major scandal in Belgium right now. An American company called 3M appearently knowingly dumped large amounts of PFOS (simular to PFOA's) in Belgian waterways which ended up in the drinking water. Our government knew of that but kept silent about it for the right price, until someone exposed everything to the public. Ofcourse everyone is now playing the 'the values were just below dangerous so it's not a big deal'-game, to distract from the st
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  • u/hewhoamareismyself: “Prions are terrifying. They're basically zombies at a protein level, they're misshapen in such a way that causes them to misshape other proteins. Normal methods of disinfection don't work. This makes researching them a very tricky matter, as while most cases involve eating infected meat, mishandling prion samples is all it takes. Tricky part is, there is no treatment either. Once they get in you, they are 100% fatal. It has been a while since I've studied them so this picture may be incomplete but I do know they're always fatal.”

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    Font - Typical-Type-408 · 4 days ago 3 Antimicrobial Resistance The bacteria are getting resistant to the drugs much faster than the rate at which we are producing new drugs. Soon we will reach a scenario when antibiotics cannot treat simple yet lethal infections. 4 8.4k Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow
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    Font - To_Fight_The_Night · 4 days ago Brain aneurisms can be completely unpredictable and can happen at anytime in your life no matter how healthy you are. A kid who I went to high school with at the age of 16 just did not wake up one morning and his cause of death was a brain aneurism. 18.3k Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow · 4 days ago 2 2 A Worked a high school volleyball game as a medic not too long ago. One of the girls made a great jump, then smashed the ball. Think she scored to
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    Font - Knownzero · 4 days ago I know a couple, one left for work and forgot something and came back in a few minutes later to find her husband on the floor after having an aneurysm and lived because she happened to forget something. A few years later, the wife had an aneurysm and he came home during his shift (cop) to grab son and found her and she survived. Wild shit, moral of the story - you never know when it's your time. 2.4k Reply Share ... PM-ME-UR_LATTE-ART · 4 days ago Moral of story: qu
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    Font - carringtonagain · 4 days ago Before the vaccine, the number of people who have had HPV infection, and have had at least one sexual partner, was 85% in females and 91% of males. By far the most common STI. 14.4k Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow ice445 · 4 days ago Worth elaborating there are a ton of strains, and most of them are relatively harmless. Only a couple produce notable symptoms or issues, so most people never have any clue they have it. 5.4k Reply Share ...
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    Font - RollsuckSupreme · 4 days ago An asteroid passed the earth in September that was about 40-90m in diameter, and we didn't see it until a day later because it travelled towards us from the direction of the sun. It passed us at half the distance from the earth to the moon. 6.5k Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow MrOllmhargadh · 4 days ago 2 Just to add a bit of context, you can fit 2 Jupiters between earth and the moon. 2.6k Reply Share ... WiatrowskiBe · 4 days ago O 2 And for a bit m
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    Organism - shlomotrutta · 5 days ago 3 2 2 The universe's Higgs field might be metastable (a "false vacuum") and decay at any moment, destroying everything. 14.7k Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow Tomnessthetom · 4 days ago I came here for vacuum decay 4.9k Reply Share ...
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    Font - pattyboiIII · 4 days ago There are alternative ways some proteins can form tertiary structures, these different structures make the protein unable to function. These alternate protein structures are infectious and incurable as they are so stable. If you get some in your blood they will slowly convert your own proteins when making contact. They're called prions. 15.2k Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow elementgermanium · 4 days ago It gets worse. All of the diseases they cause are h
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    Font - OMGItsCheezWTF · 4 days ago There's one that just stops you being able to sleep. It has two forms, Fatal Familial Insomnia (where the prion is inherited) and Sporadic Fatal Insomnia (where the prion is not inherited). You start off having difficulty sleeping, which causes mental health issues such as panic attacks and paranoia. Then you start getting hallucinations Then you completely lose the ability to sleep Then finally dementia, insanity and death It's universally fatal and usually ki
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    Rectangle - tod315 · 4 days ago If there's one thing reddit taught me to be scared shitless of it's fucking prions. 2.6k 5 Reply Share ...
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    Font - bouncinggiraffe · 4 days ago Another Carrington Event. The 'original Carrington event was in 1859, which was basically an intense geomagnetic storm that disrupted/knocked out telegrams because thats all the technology there was to disrupt back then. Nowadays we use electricity for virtually everything. If it hit now the effect would be like an EMP, but globally. There'd be no functional technology that involved electrics. In essence, losing all electrics would in turn stop communications,
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    Font - OverlyEpicFrog · 4 days ago At any given time the Earth can be hit with a gamma ray burst. We won't see it coming since it moves at the speed of light and all life apart from deep underground or deep in the ocean will be wiped out in minutes. Although unlikely it can happen at any time. 6.1k Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow Hunangren · 4 days ago This is dramatically true, but I have one method to un-scare this (which is the same method that I apply to every civilization-ending s
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    Font - MurderDoneRight · 4 days ago Limnic eruptions. There are pockets of Co2 trapped under lakes all around the world that can be released at anytime creating an invisible tidal wave that kills everything in its path. Since it's heavier than air you will just suddenly start choking and die. 11.5k Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow Rhovanind · 4 days ago It's only been recorded twice, in two lakes very close to each other. It's exceptionally rare are requires incredibly specific circumst
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    Font - DonkeyTron42 ·4 days ago 2 If you're exposed to rabies and start to show symptoms, your chance of survival is virtually zero percent. 20.7k Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow paul_is_on_reddit · 4 days ago We give our pets rabies vaccines. Are there rabies vaccines for people? Reply Share ... T 5.7k Iced_Yehudi ·4 days ago Yes, and they're effective at preventing the disease after you've been exposed to it as long as you aren't displaying symptoms yet 7.5k Reply Share ...


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