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Awwdorable Wild Animals Enjoying A Christmas Tree

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    Christmas tree - Chris .. @mama_c6 Someone in my county set up a tree by her wildlife camera and caught these. Guess what I'm doing tomorrow?

    Wow, we have so many questions! How exactly does one go about having foxes pose so beautifully for photos like this and how do we stage a photoshoot like this ourselves? Merry Christmas to this fox and this raccoon, your photos turned out amazing and we're happy that you enjoyed staring at this tree!

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    Christmas tree - Chris @mama_c6

    Hahaha, we should really stage a photoshoot like this in our own backyard, it would definitely be very on brand. What a great way to to spread joy and paw-sitivity this holiday season to everyone by sharing photos like this. Keep on being super cool!

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    Christmas tree - Chris ... @mama_c6
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    Font - Sayseebone @sayseebone Whone Boat Thia loat ... Replying to @mama_c6 These guys are so cute until they come in your cat door.
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    Christmas tree - #HereRightMatters #MeidasMatters @VoteBlue4Us Replying to @mama_c6 Not really wild life, but my dog has his own tree.
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    Font - Debbie Kendall @deborahmkendall Replying to @mama_c6 I love this one. I would hang this one on my wall. We feed raccoons manas on my back deck.
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    Photograph - Heather MBE @RMsSexyBrain Replying to @mama_c6 I am obsessed Garys are in at CritterVisionStore.com Dec 23,21/Thu 12:57:RU AN O 42 °F
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    Font - PamMarkle ... @PamMarkle Replying to @mama_c6 And the next shot was the raccoons pushing it over just like the cats!!
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    Christmas tree - AnnART @TurbulentMystic Replying to @mama_c6 Stray cat outside my front door
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    Rectangle - Tom Haflinger @TomHaflinger Replying to @PJShakesitup and @mama_c6 Initially, I was surprised to see so many nocturnal animals who are into being near a light source. But then, they're mostly eyes-forward models. The carnivore type. Not too many eyes-on-the-sides nocturnal herbivores hanging around.
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    Bird - Maryliz ... @Maryliz40414165 Replying to @mama_c6 I put a de-icer in our birdbath. We watch them come and go all day.
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    Photograph - Jennifer @jennyanydots00 Replying to @mama_c6

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