I Can Has Cheezburger?

A Bountiful Heap Of Frog Memes To Inspire Ribbits And Laughs

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    Vertebrate - cavetorch Follow Frogs with hats

    What could be more charming, more refined, more dashing than a frog with a hat? Well, a lot of things. But these guys do look pretty silly. 

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    Automotive lighting - fishingboaproceeds where is he traveling justbananathepalidrome To the stars darlin, to the stars

    Where is he traveling? In what vehicle does he proceed from his previous location to the next? And what is the meaning of life? So many questions, so little time. We're off to the stars darlin, to the stars. 

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    Frog - He sits and ponders
  • 4
    Nose - the best kind of unexpected visitor ing RING now A Someone is at your Front Door
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    Frog - DID I HEAR UR GREAT UR DANDY NEGATIVE SELF TALK? Please do not do it.
  • 6
    Elephant - this could be us
  • 7
    Organism - i dont answer my texts sometimes because my phone often gets seized by frogs
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    Poison dart frog - he looks like if the inside of a raspberry toaster strudel escaped the crust and went feral
  • 9
    Photograph - when I'm on the verge of blacking out and I take a solo bathroom break you're a star, baby
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    Green - on all levels , including physical , i am this
  • 12
    Frog - You do not always have to be a strong cowboy. Sometimes just being an alive cowboy is enough. OFROGWITCH
  • 13
    Organism - me listening to him talk about the things he's passionate about even tho it makes absolutely zero sense to me

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