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This Week's Most Supurrb Cat Tweets (January 14, 2022)

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    Plant - aunt baby @yyentaa Oh to be a cat cradled gently by bananas

    Oh, what would we give to be a cat cradled gently by bananas. The whole setup just screams peaceful, beachy, dream come true to us. Our favorite part is how happy and contented the cat looks to be suspended by nothing other than bananas. Hey, if he's happy, we're happy, that's for sure.

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    Font - Elle Em .. @ellle_em Cat: HUMAM CAT AM EXPERT SURVIVAL Me: really Cat: YES AM SURVIVE THE WILD Me: your claw got stuck in a blanket & you screamed until I got it unstuck Cat: AM NO BLANKETS IN WILD Me: you forget to drink water Cat: WILL JUST ABSORB WATER IN WILD Me: oh my god Cat: SEE AM EXPERT

    Hahaha, this is so true! We don't know about you, but our cats love to pretend like they're vicious wild animals, at least while they hunt a fly around a closed room and still fail to catch it. But when the nighttime comes? All they want is cuddles and belly rubs and a little pillow to nap gently on. Ah, cats are truly such a gift to behold. 

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    Cat - memes I wish I could tag my cat in @memesiwish POV ur sitting at the table and ur cat dad is making you breakfast before school ATHDALA R MT GIRL Consent to @catitolovers He's cooking you some fire breakfast, say thank you.
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    Cat - memes I wish I could tag my cat in @memesiwish My cat organiser is failing plz help
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  • 5
    Cat - Jorts (and Jean) @JortsTheCat Well everyone is stressed out about a lot of things. Since l'm just a cat I can't fix big stuff, so I am making a shape like a smile
  • 6
    Cat - Jorts (and Jean) @JortsTheCat Remember if you meet a cat who wants a kiss when you are wearing a mask, you can boop their nose or forehead with your thumb and make a smooching sound. This is a cat-approved alternative
  • 7
    Cat - ... @heavensbvnny i love it when cats do this
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  • 8
    Carnivore - * brad metalwood @losercatlady666 i would like to pet all the forbidden cats Forbidden Cats
  • 9
    Cat - DonutHawk @StruggleDisplay Cat 1: imma strangle you Cat 2: it just feels nice to be held
  • 10
    Automotive design - aqxb7.y @oyeaqiib that's me when i see a cat. ERE SO SILK AND CA LI AM OMI NA MI
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  • 11
    Brown - Anonymous @YourAnonNews People / Cats .. #Caturday (..^)~ Successful People Unsuccessful People People who love Cats
  • 12
    Eye - memes I wish I could tag my cat in @memesiwish Using my special skills as an empath, im getting an aura that this cat is not happy with the cone. Im kinda overwhelmed by nearby vibes tho so i might be wrong lol

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