I Can Has Cheezburger?

Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week (20 Images)

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    "My Gf got Toby for $5 at a rescue. Best $5 ever spent."

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    "This is Trevor..."


    "This is Trevor. His original owner dumped him on the side of the road when he was a pup, and he found his way to my parents house. He's been part of the family ever since. He's getting on in years, but he's always a good boy."

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    "There's nothing true love can't change. Meet Bead, the princess I addopted last year."

  • 4

    "I am a first time cat owner..."


    "I am a first time cat owner. My cat has symmetrical bald-ish spots above her eyes, does anyone know what this means? She is also 6 months old and doesn't seem to be excessively grooming there."

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  • 5

    "Help! I’ve had this very good boi for almost a month, and still no name! He’s 8 months old, and super chill. Need something not totally overdone."

  • 6

    "Was chosen by this big boy at the shelter last night. What should I name him?"

  • 7

    "We just brought home this sweet girl, Betty White!"

    Dog - nths ing OAC
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  • 8

    "My friend just got two kittens and is letting me live vicariously through them. The two most handsome, cuddly brothers."

  • 9

    "This is Loki, new entry in the family."

  • 10

    "I'm adopting Fluffy today! He's a 4 months old, the cutest doggo ever."

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  • 11

    "Recently adopted dog, what breed is she?"

  • 12

    "Just adopted a 10 year old cat at the shelter. His owner died recently and so did my son so we kinda need each other right now."

  • 13

    "First time cat owner here, I can't believe how much my kitten Theo loves to sleep!"

    Computer - Og Bk cfE Fm Md No LX 10 17815 MON l an CHALLENCES Dive m Qualiy ma d wE p O PLAY! Mala DOLL
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  • 14

    "After a year of feeding, spoiling and small cautious head pats, she has finally adopted me. Help me name this sweet thing"

  • 15

    "Meet Beanbag! Our senior foster-fail is on a dechonking journey. Clearly, I am a heartless human for resisting her begging."

  • 16

    "My first cat - I’m obsessed with taking pictures of him sleeping"

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  • 17

    "First time cat owner,, I've recently learned that I will suffer a death of 1000 cuts, this guy has my legs torn up from climbing me, but it's the cutest pain I've ever experienced."

  • 18

    "This sweet brave little boy comes to live with us next week! We’re stumped on a name but want to lean fantasy since he looks like a furry dragon when he runs and a wizard any other time."

  • 19

    "I’m a first time cat dad today. I could not be more in love. Please say hello to Pocket :)"

    Smile - MOT
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  • 20

    "Need a name for our new kitty cat, any suggestions?"


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