Cartoon-Looking Stubby Squid Video Is Super Joyful

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OK, we know this video is on the older side, being from 2016, but it's seriously just too good to not re-visit. 

Especially, with the hilarious commentary of the E/V Nautilus, an ocean exploration program that conducts a scientific exploration of the ocean floor. We know that might sound technical and scientific, but we promise you this commentary will have you smiling. 

When the team spotted this "stubby squid" off the California coast, at a depth of 900 meters, they were surprised by the appearance of this hybrid-looking octopus/squid. Simply because it did not look real! As one team member mentions, "They look like googly eyes." And to make the moment even more entertaining, one YouTuber commented on how the stubby squid is feeling after hearing the team's commentary, "don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry."

Overall, we rate this video a 10/10, it's hilarious, you learn something, and you see something you might have ever seen before. 

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