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Platypuses Are Excellent And There Are Many Reasons Why (Viral Thread)

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    "Platypus is excellent"


    "this is not Platypus. This is a stone. Moving on."

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    "This is Penny the Platypus.  She is excellent !  She came out an egg which was laid in an underground borrow.  Platypus is one of only two mammals that lay eggs."

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    "Phoebe the Platypus looks all cute because Platypus is all cute.  However these back legs have a sneaky feature.  The claws produce venom!"

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    Plant - © picture alliance/Anka Agency International/G. Lacz

    "This is Pinocchio the Platypus.  His quacker has no teeth inside and it feels rubbery to touch."

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    "Meaning this man is a bit of a wimp 'caus the bite of Pumpkin the Platypus doesn't hurt much."

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    "This is Princess Poppy the Platypus.  She has a built in electro sensory system for finding food under water.  She enjoys insect larvae, hawaiian pizza, freshwater shrimps, and crayfish."

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    "Porker the Platypus has webbed feet to help him swim.  The same as a water bird has.  He can retract the webbed feet and expose his nails, allowing him to run on land."

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    "Here's Pup Tart the Platypus.  His fur is super thick to help him keep warm."

  • 9

    "Peanut the Platypus has foldable covers for his eyes and ears as well as watertight nostrils.  He swims with them shut and relies on his built in sensory system to navigate and hunt."

  • 10
    Vertebrate - GA Y AUSTRALIA Wild

    "Here's Periwinkle the Platypus.  He is excellent."


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