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Kind Humans Help Cat’s Owners Care For A Poor Sweet Kitty

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    What A Beautiful Boy


    Can you believe that this sweet kitty got left behind by those mean, awful owners? I was incensed when I read the post title, and then even more so when I saw that sweet face. Lots of users chimed in to talk about their gray cats at home, claiming that they are the sweetest and the calmest of all the cats. I have to say, me and my tabby might disagree, but maybe we all can hang out one day and talk about it.

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    Loads of Folks Wanted To Adopt This Sweet Cat

    Font - JessterJo 4 days ago Just from a quick Google search I found at least one cat rescue that is local to you, Heart of a Lion. If you aren't able to keep him or find a home yourself, then that's the sort of place to bring him. All rescues I've seen have websites so you can learn more about them to find a place you feel comfortable with. 15 3 Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow NotAllowedUserName OP ·4 days ago I will check it out, thank you very much. I definitely want to give him the

    One of the sweetest comments in this entire Reddit thread was from user u/JessterJo who helped the cat's new owners look up rescue organizations nearby– before they decided to keep the cat of course! The organization they mentioned, Heart of a Lion, services Southeast Charlotte, NC and Upstate SC and cares for cats and kittens that are either abandoned or rescued from high kill shelters in the two states. Organizations like this exist all around the world, so if you're ever in a pinch, hop on Google– or Reddit– and try to find one like this!

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    People Chimed In With Stories Just Like This

    Rectangle - Day-by-day23 - 4 days ago Adopt him!!!! (Well more like he has adopted you!) That's how we ended up with our third cat. Our neighbour across the street left her husband...and Gravy had already been sleeping in our yard for a year before my neighbour had officially moved out. (My husband and I had even built Gravy an outdoor shelter because we live in Canada and the winters are SO cold) ...And then there was a horrible thunderstorm in the summer and we brought her in finally overnight
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    Can Confirm, He Is As Sweet As He Looks

    Rectangle - TITANFALL2RONIN · 4 days ago Take him. He looks like he deserves love, and they didn't give it to him 52 3 Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow NotAllowedUserName OP 4 days ago He definitely needs love, I can't even describe how lovely and sweet he is. He just wants to cuddle.
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    Your Cats Act Like Kids? Mine Act Like Teenagers…

    Rectangle - lurker_lurker_lurks 4 days ago Having two cats is the best! Hopefully they get along and love each other. Mine adore each other and are so so so cute and sweet with one another. 8 5 Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow tenebrae_i +1 ·4 days ago I love it too! They entertain each other. Just like kids. Lol.
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    Definitely Worth A Watch!

    Human body - Ripcitytoker +2 · 4 days ago If you introduce them properly they should eventually end up getting along just fine. Jackson Galaxy has some great YouTube videos explaining how to introduce a new kitty, I would highly recommend you check them out.
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    Another Sad Story, But A Really Happy Ending!

    Font - RainSurname +2 ·4 days ago It just so happens that I adopted a big grey boy that was left behind after people moved away, only in his case, they left him and his friend locked in the abandoned house, where they were forced to drink from the toilet and subsist on insects until someone heard them screaming. I was at the Humane Society adopting a kitten, and was waiting on the paperwork, so took a walk through the adult section, saw him, and my heart literally skipped a beat, because he was
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    Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do?

    Font - portifornia · 4 days ago Please report this to your local animal control. They love tracking down deadbeat owners and charging them with abandonment. (reporting abandonment doesn't mean they have to take the animal into custody, particularly given your providing it a safe place to live.. And thank you for doing so!) 610 Q Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow NotAllowedUserName OP 4 days ago Thanks for the tip, I will definitely look into doing this. I hope this will prevents them fro
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    Kudos to You, u/NotAllowedUsername!

    Font - cbru8 · 4 days ago You are an awesome person. My heart breaks for that poor guy losing his family. Thank you for taking care of him.
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    The Handsome Gentleman In Question


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