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Adorable Bear Thinks He’s A Dog, Reddit Hilarity Ensues

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    Who’s Gonna Tell Him He’s Not A Dog?

    The video that started this whole thread is so adorable, I had to share it with everyone I know. A gorgeous husky puts his paws on a windowsill to start, and then he's joined almost immediately by a little grizzly bear cub. As the video keeps going you see a pinscher in the background, two pit bull mixes, and I think I spy a fifth dog in the background. All in all that's a six dog pack– well, five doggos and one bear.

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    Funny Friends, Furry and Feathered

    Human body - NotUrAvgIdjit96 O +1 · 7 days ago Family used to have a pet deer that thought it was a cow. 4 1.6k Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow A roostersnuffed · 7 days ago My dad had a turkey that thought it was a dog. Tried to imitate barks and chased the cats around 163 Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but these two commenters didn't need a thousand to crack me up. I still can't get the image of what both comments described out of my head. First of all, a pet deer sounds adorable, and one that acts like a cow– wow! And the turkey… I mean sure, every year on Thanksgiving we think about the big bird, but imagine being a cat on that farm! You wouldn't want to slip in that pecking order.

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    This One Quacked Me Up

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    Back to the Bear– Our Thoughts Exactly!

    Sky - TheObstruction · 7 days ago Fuzzy? Ears? Snoot that needs boopin'? Looks like a dog to me. 1 81 Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow
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    Oh Deer…

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    We Didn’t Want To Say It…

    Sky - PeteHealy · 7 days ago OK, kinda funny, but is it really that smart to put your hand into a bear's mouth? 270 Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow
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    Remember That Old Saying About Turtle-Like Reflexes?

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    Do These Two Make A Herd, A Team, Or A Pack?

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    The Not So Classic Combination

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    The Not So Classic Combination


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