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Ireland's Sassiest Buffalo Has Enough Attitude to Crush the Rosalía Challenge and His Farmer


Everyone knows that Ireland is the land of rolling green fields and chipper, jaunty, pale inhabitants. However, that's not all that makes this inbred island special. Ireland is also known for the high quality dairy farms and the world's happiest cows-- and apparently buffalo!


One loving, dedicated buffalo and dairy farmer in Ireland, known as “The Dairy Queen”, has recently become famous on the Internet, sharing videos of her lifestyle of the farm, her relationship with her cows, and of course, the magically delicious lifestyle that she leads in her native land. Most interestingly though, she has one bull, a buffalo actually, that can't seem to get on board with the lifestyle of positivity, perfect green hills, and a field full of cow-babes waiting for you at every turn. 


We beefin'



Honestly, that's the best beef I've ever seen. The Rosalia challenge can just stop there because it doesn't get better than that. It turns out though, these buffalo often have beef with their care taker. 


The Dairy Queen has shared that she has been attacked on numerous occasions; letting her guard down with these ‘gentle’ giants has not always worked out for her. 



Humor is my coping mechanism



Interestingly enough, she doesn't seem to mind the attitudes of her buffalo. Sometimes they're sassy, sometimes they're docile and sweet. It just seems that you have to catch them on the appropriate day to avoid getting a horn to your backside


Never trust a bull



So despite their perfect lives in Irish fields of green, captive buffalo certainly can still have beef with their owners. Rosalia challenge or not, The Dairy Queen has certainly learned her lesson on safety when it comes to buffalo farming, but she has probably also learned a bit about respecting large animals, docile or not. 


Sure they are domesticated creatures and have cute, adorable faces, but they are still hundreds of pounds, fast, and have a set of horns on their rock hard skull. A buffalo might not seem like a wolf in the grass, but they are not to be trifled with. 


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