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Girlfriend Freaks Over Cat Dad And His Babies– Reddit Hilariously Puts Her In Her Place

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    We'll Withhold Judgement

    Font - this sound silly but hear me out til the end. I (M24) have been taking care of cats since I was 15. I love them I love having them around and so far I've been a "cat dad" to over 9 cats. My girlfriend of 7 months likes my current cat "Lilly" and treats her well however, she does comment about some "behaviors" of mine that she thinks are weird. like insisting on having Lilly in bed to sleep.

    This all starts out innocently enough, however, if this girlfriend really loves this guy, what is she so worried about? Does it bother her that his heart is bursting with affection for animals, and she thinks he won't have enough for her? Something about the whole situation just doesn't seem right, and we'll wait until later to make a decision, but the whole thing reeks of jealousy. 

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    What's So Bad About This?

    Font - Lilly recently had babies, cute little kittens. I was so happy I took a pic and posted it online with the title saying that I'm now a cat dad for these cute kittens. and that they're my babies. My post got lots of likes and reactions, but when my girlfriend saw it she picked a fight with me calling it cringe that I constantly refer to these kittens as my babies. She told me it's just weird and lowkey creepy. I told her I call myself thar because I'm the one taking care of them; like a par

    So, the guy posted a picture online, and that's it? This girl literally threw a fit and left the house because she didn't want her boyfriend calling himself a cat dad. Here's a tip though– if he's an amazing cat dad, he'd probably be an amazing real dad too. Seems like she's going to lose a good one by pulling all this nonsense. 

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    Great Minds Think Alike

    Rectangle - Umbrata_Mortis · 11 days ago 2 78 & 24 More Partassipant [2] Hell no! I'm a tattooed son of a bitch with a red neck beard and a hick accent. I'm also a cat dad and have no shame saying it. They are my babies. I'm never having kids and these fluffy bastards are my biggest joy. Your gf can take her toxic gender standards elsewhere. NTA.
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    Another Similar Situation

    Font - stacem83 11 days ago 2 3 28 S 3 & 4 More Not OP or the guy with the fluffy bastards, but we had a mama cat get into the insulation under our house and have babies that we pulled out through the vents thanks to a hole in one of our ducts. We now have them living in the back of our truck that is not currently being driven (can't have them all inside due to hubby's allergies, but I keep them pretty well protected from the elements and they seem to be just fine with the space). So I'll pay so
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    At Least Someone Paid The Cat Tax

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    Oof, GF Got Burned

    Organism - TheLokiHokeyCokey · 11 days ago · edited 11 days ago O Partassipant [2] Nothing makes me happier than walking in the door and hearing my (also big, burly and bearded) husband go "Oohhhh look guys it's Mummy, go see Mummy" and then my three kitties run up to me, tails up like flagpoles. I am Mummy. He is Daddy. They are our babies. I feel sorry for your girlfriend OP, she has no joy in her heart and worried entirely too much about what other people think (spoiler: nobody cares, live yo
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    Gross, But A Good Perspective Regardless

    Font - SandBrilliant2675 · 11 days ago · edited 11 days ago Asshole Aficionado [14] GF: Babe, did you stick your dick into the cat? OP: No! Wtf! GF: well babe I'm out of ideas, that's the only reason you could enjoy spending time with the kittens!!!! OP: uh.. they're cute... are you jealous of the cats? GF: what.NO!!!. how could you ask that??? This is a you problem... I'm not projecting my insecurity onto helpless kittens!!!!! NTA, keep the kittens, ditch the GF.
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    Spay And Neuter Your Pets People!

    Font - jayclaw97 · 11 days ago Asshole Enthusiast [5] OP is definitely NTA for being such a doting cat owner/dad, but please, u/KittyKaty5509, consult your vet and have Lilly spayed as soon as it is safe to do so. I have been fostering and volunteering at animal shelters for the majority of my own 24 years of life, and while kittens are cute, they can increase pressure on shelters and result in unnecessary euthanasia due to overcrowding.
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    Carnivorous Plants Are Babies Too

    Font - hey-bish · 11 days ago Asshole Enthusiast [8] I wonder what would happen if that lady heard me referring to my carnivores plants as my babies lol. NTA 2.4k Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow NienieDreamer · 11 days ago My babies are adults already. I still call them babies. They're just... babies. They're two cute small Guinea pigs and never really grew to the size I exptected them to. They're still babies. I refer to them as baby. 4 572 Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow
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    Red Flag, Red Flag, Red Flag

    Font - Altruistic-Text3481 · 11 days ago S You are free to identify as cat dad. This girlfriend isn't right for you. Her asking you to take down post of your kittens is a red flag. Her insistence that you not call yourself cat dad is a red flag. Keep being you and loving the kittens and posting pics to your hearts content. Life is short. Enjoy being you. Enjoy being Cat Dad! 1.2k Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow

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