I Can Has Cheezburger?

A Collection Of Cool Cats Lounging In The Most Comfortable Of Sinks

  • 1

    "Round boy boy+round sink=home"

    Cat - JOSIE MARA

    There are few things we love more than being home with our round boys, it doesn't matter where they are sitting. We just love having them there for the company. And this boi certainly looks comfortable! 

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  • 2

    "In her happy place"

    Cat - Plackers TWIN-LINE ALUE SI

    Oh yeah, she all up in her happy place. 

  • 3

    "His favorite place to relax"

    Tap - NANL
  • 4

    "Mr. Nubbins"

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  • 5

    "Kia has discovered the bathroom lounge area!"

    Cat - 638 TRESemmé flavless CURLS aturising mese MEVER'S NDAY 0000M WAN
  • 6

    "My first sink cat!"

    Cat - alba BOTANICA very emollient bodylotion healing Dove
  • 7

    "My first sink cat!"

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  • 8

    "my baby. Delphi. The sink is her favourite place"

  • 9

    "Can’t leave the bathroom door open without coming back to this."

  • 10

    "Hot heat? Cool sink."


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