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Cat Holds On To Her Favorite Kitten For Her Dear Life As The Vet Gets Ready To Examine Them

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    If we had one wish on this earth it would be to take away the fear and suffering of all the pets that weren't lucky enough to be born in a loving forever home. This momma cat has gone through some trauma with her babies, so it's understandable why she's so protective. We're so glad that they were saved. 

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    Font - Des When mom's say they "don't have a favorite kid" smh
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    Sometimes parents have different bonds with each of their children. Many factors can contribute to this, both depending on the parent, the child, and the environment that they grew up in. 

    We guess our second wish would be for all children to feel loved, special, and happy. Wow, guys. What an emotional rollercoaster. 

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    Font - amber lawson515 "this is my baby and AINT NO ONE FIXIN TOUCH HIM"
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    Font - Reckless ginger Maybe in her past life her babies got taken from her. Or that's her favourite child
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    Font - Laila foster mom Creator She was found in a box let in a park. They said she was holding the same baby
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    Font - Mandi Mama & that baby need to stay together forever
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    Smile - Laila foster mom Creator I completely agree
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    Font - Ells "You can't have this one!!!"
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    Dress - Jackal. I had a mama who had a favorite little calico, she would always trap her under her paw and made sure she was first to eat and last to leave.
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    Font - user2953805835555 shes obviously chose her favorite des
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    Font - Crafty_Tashas_Crochet that babie is either her favorite or she knows he is going to get himself into trouble haha
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    Font - Siri Kaualanihauoli I'm watching this video and my cat is one me purring
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