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Reddit Dunks On Ignorant Landlord– Hilarity Ensues

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    This Sounds Super Awkward

    Smile - Recently the apartment building I live in was sold. The new landlord is always finding reason to come in and has a HUGE poorly trained Dalmatian. The building has always been no pets allowed. I assumed this continued. I doubled checked my lease and we're still not allowed pets. On his third unannounced visit I said "Can you keep the dog out of the apartment?". He replied "Why?!". I said "The lease says no animals". He did it.

    Already, this is a strange situation for OP, since he's living in a building that he was previously in agreement with on a lease. Now, the new property owner wants to bust in and act like his purchase automatically invalidates all of those old contracts. Spoiler alert, the old contracts are just as valid as ever, and there is no reason for this guy to be tramping around entering people's apartments everyday. 

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    Why Didn't The Neighbors Say Something As Well?

    Font - This was Wednesday morning. Since then, at least 20 neighbors have discussed this with me. I was getting mixed message. I called a neighbor I am friendly with. While they were at work, they said the going story is the landlord now asks if he can bring his dog into apartments. Another neighbor asked why he asked. My landlord named my apartment number said "Some tenants are troublemakers". AITA?

    This is the type of move that we absolutely despise. This despicable landlord has decided that the only way to get what he wants, which is to be allowed to break the law, he needs to run OP out of the building. He's attempting to turn the other neighbors against OP, but we don't really think it's going to work. Which of the other neighbors is going to want this guy and his completely untrained dog in their apartment?

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    The Real Troublemaker Here Is The Landlord

    Rectangle - ChapSteve711. 1 day ago Professor Emeritass [88] NTA. You are not a troublemaker, you're a tenant that doesn't want animals in his apartment, especially poorly trained ones. He should respect that, as you pay to live there. 406 Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow
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    Protect Yourself From Landlords Like This

    Font - Cesare Borgia713 1 day ago Partassipant [4] NTA. He may own the building now, but that doesn't give him the right to do just anything to a property for which you currently have a lease. I'm not 100% positive, but I suspect that there are actually laws which address this sort of thing. I know there are laws that cover when/how a landlord can enter an apartment or property. They may also address who/what he can bring into the property while doing so. He may not like it, but he's not allowed
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    That's OPs Home, Not The Landlord's

    Font - so OhBut WhyNow. 1 day ago Partassipant [2] NTA - you are paying rent and the apartment is your home. It is only common courtesy to ask to bring a dog in YOUR/ anybody's home. The landlord knows this and that is why he is now asking. Only a brown nose moron would think "the landlord owns the place and can do what they like" WRONG. I say that as someone that is laying on a lounge with my 2 dogs right now and I own a property with tenants in place. I would not take my dogs to my rental. If
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    Guy Sounds Like A Jerk

    Font - Nodog4uAITA OP - 1 day ago A few people asked why he's always coming, he's passive aggressive and always reminding of us things in the lease. He wants automated rent. I refused to sign that. He lives within walking distance. He will just come at random times with his dog. 31 Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow GlencoraPalliser 1 day ago Partassipant [3] I don't know where you live and local tenancy laws, but where I live the landlord is not allowed to just turn up. They have to give
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    Stand Up For Your Rights!

    Font - Individual-Fuel1177 23 hr. ago Partassipant [1] Read the Truth in Renting Act for fact you were required by law to receive a copy when you signed your original lease. There are a lot of protections for tenants in NJ. Read the Right of Entry portion. This will give you tons of valuable information as to what the Landlord responsibility and you as the tenant. 18 Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow Nodog4uAITA OP. 20 hr. ago I never got this. Thank you. 10 Reply Give Award Sh
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    Time To Limit Those Inspections

    Rectangle - PsychologyAutomatic3 1 day ago Asshole Aficionado [12] NTA. He has no valid reason to bring his dog (unless it's a service dog) on his limitless inspections. If you're in the US, he probably needs to give you 24-hour notice for non- emergencies. Check the tenant rights for your state and your lease. 32 Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow
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    No Door Mats In This House

    Font - belladonnagarden 1 day ago Sometimes people are labeled as trouble makers when they refuse to be doormats. Depending on where you live, he sounds like he is breaking some laws. In Texas, a landlord must give you a 24 hour warning before entering the apartment. Check your state's laws and if he continues with this BS talk to a tenant lawyer. NTA
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    Doesn't Make Much Sense, Does It?

    Rectangle - RandomlyDi 1 day ago Asshole Aficionado [12] LOS Why is he bringing the dog with him in the first place?? Especially one that clearly wasn't properly trained? He might be your landlord but he shouldn't be coming to your place all the time unless there are issues. I love animals but I honestly don't understand this type of behavior. NTA

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