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Juice the Orange Kitty Throws a Proper Tempter Tantrum When His Hooman Gives Their Dog a Treat Before Him


It is not fun when you feel like you are receiving unfair treatment, we all want to make sure that our parents are treating all of their children with equal respect and love. The only thing is that we all measure love in different ways. When you’re a cute little orange cat you might temporarily early measure love through how many treats your human gives you. Hey, we kind of all do the same thing when we’re children anyway. You might feel more loved when our mom makes us pancakes for breakfast rather than a healthy granola bowl. This little orange cat really felt that he was getting some unfair treatment when his human fed his dog a treat before him, and all we can say is that this is an extremely relatable feeling. Sometimes we are all just a little dramatic and want a little treat. Who can say that they have experienced that feeling at least once? Now without further ado let’s check out this very adorable video.


Let's Watch


Let's take a look at some of the best comments:

justice for Juice😔

meowing in uppercase

I think that's justifiable

I agree Juice, it's ridiculous! I'd go as far as to classify it as feline discrimination frankly!

Lol. I love him

Gawd I love this cat!!!!!


He’s saying he’s so done with this family 😳

Pure agony




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