I Can Has Cheezburger?

32 Animal Memes That Will Brighten Your Day

  • 1
    Cat - When you explain something 17 times and they still don't get it
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  • 2
    Squirrel - Whatever floats your goats
  • 3
    Ferret - topherchris: I hope this image helps you cope with any problems you may be having.
  • 4
    Tortoise - Take a moment to appreciate these sleeping hamster pancakes
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  • 5
    Photo caption - The face on this deer who was rescued from the Louisiana floods is priceless
  • 6
    Text - When ur pet falls asleep in ur lap and you have to choose between dying or waking them up
  • 7
    Cat - When you text your friend in a room full of people and they say "why did you text me?" @Friend of Bae
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  • 8
    Horse - me walking out of the salon with a fresh cut @thirstyspice
  • 9
    Smile - When your Mom picked you out a new outfit and keeps telling you how handsome you look in it the mermaid lagoon
  • 10
    Beige - Someone spilled their hamster on the Couch
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  • 11
    Sheep - i'm a frickin sheep whisperer all i said was "please stop for a pic" & he even gave me different angles to work with
  • 12
    Nose - This is my cat guarding her first and only baby. She's extra protective of him. @DrSmashlove
  • 13
    Cat - grayxvx You're putting way too much faith on me. If you slip we're both screwed and that's not how I wanna die.
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  • 14
    Adaptation - slutfoxhound super-cast Source: jajaneenee officialfrenchtoast: gonna sell these kids some drugs 35,809 notes
  • 15
    Yellow - Can you believe this @DrSmashlove
  • 16
    Dog - When it's been a couple of years but you still mad VADILMINBA
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  • 17
    Wildlife - When you're chill with everyone
  • 18
    Canidae - When you're mad at someone but then they ask if you want food.
  • 19
    Dog - When you type 'olay' instead of 'okay'
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  • 20
    Dog - He peed on the floor and tried to clean it up himself
  • 21
    Hamster - Sorry... I've just been totally distracted by this hamster with an entire cracker in its mouth
  • 22
    Dog - When u say bye to someone and then walk side by side with them to the exit I am uncomfortable
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  • 23
    Dog - When u coulda sworn you just heard the "walk" word but u can't be sure Shitheadsteve
  • 24
    Dog - When I worked at a dog daycare (l'd bring my dog with me, duh) I once got off from work and was SO HUNGRY I left without him. XD My manager sent me this picture about 10 minutes later saying "you forgot something". His expression is perfect
  • 25
    Photo caption - On this day in history: my indoor cat went outside for the first time, finally understood his place in the universe memes.com
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  • 26
    Cat - Curie thought she saw her brother get a treat. Thus began an interpretive protest dance.
  • 27
    Mammal - when the photographer calls you cute while taking your picture
  • 28
    Plywood - im on a date with this dude & he's so hot idk what to say
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  • 29
    Dog - When you're wrong but refuse to admit it
  • 30
    Canidae - Ur not doggo but I love
  • 31
    Lifejacket - Today my mom went on a boat with this dog and thought everyone deserved to see this
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  • 32
    Rabbit - Excuse me, Ma'am Did you know you're a rabbit? @borrowedmemes


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