After Muslim Ban 2.0 Gets Shot Down By Hawaii Federal Judge, Man Makes a Pearl Harbor-sized Mistake and Asks What Hawaii Knows About Being Attack

If you're going to tweet, make sure you crack open your seventh grade history book — or at least have the history channel on — first. 

Twitter user @FiveRights, self-described "Trump, Free Speech, Limited Govt," or so says his Twitter bio, really doesn't like that a federal judge in Hawaii said, "You're fired," to Trump's regurgitated travel ban. So as so many Americans do, he turned to the internet for support and tweeted this gem:

Wow. What a take. What gigantic, Pearl Harbor-sized take! What does Hawaii know about being attacked? It's not as if an attack on Hawaii didn't plunge us into a World War or something. 

Anyway, people on Twitter seem to think that this might be a little off base, unlike a certain naval base that was attacked on December 7, 1941. 

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    It's not like they... Oh.

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    Why would you compare this to a movie.

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    No one is too stupid to live. No one.

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    Do they know, though??

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    There was a problem rendering this tweet - it may have been deleted.

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    People are just poking holes in our education system.

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    It has been said.

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    Pearl what?

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