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Weekly Boost Of Serotonin: Criminal Cats Finally Caught For All Their Illegal Activities

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    "6am is kind. Mine wake me up at 2am and 4am."

    "Haha every dayyyyy. Legit was so hungover on Sunday and I had to get up coz my cat wouldn't let me sleep"

    "Honey she wake me up at 3AM by jumping on my back"

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    "went my entire leasing term at my last apartment with a cat and two guinea pigs, maintenance never snitched"

    "Living rent free"

    "They didn't find out about my first one so then i got a second ?? home depot has cheap window tint that comes off so they'll never know"

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    Vehicle - when the landlord finds out you been living with the humans If waking the humans up at 6am every morning becomes illegal If being stinky became illegal LICE LICEHGE


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