40 Strange and Unusual Facts That Won't Fail To Turn Your World Upside Down

  • 1
    Canidae - Street dogs in Moscow have learnt to take the trains from the suburbs into the city for food during the day, then return to the safer, more comfortable suburbs to sleep at night ?Unusual FACTS
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    Romance - There was a professor who did a study on 1000s of elderly people and what advice they had about life. On happiness there was a concensus: "Almost to a person, the elders viewed happiness as a choice, not the result of how life treats you." Unusual FACTS
  • 3
    Bird - Feeding bread to ducks actually causes many health problems for them Unusual FACTS
  • 4
    Sky - A tomato plant was found on the 40 year old volcanic island, Surtsey. Scientists were boggled as to how it got there. Turns out, it was from a scientist taking a dump, subsequently growing the plant. Unusual FACTS
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  • 5
    Face - In 1976 a Japanese ultranationalist porn actor died after flying a plane into the house of a yakuza don to punish him for accepting millions of dollars in bribes from Lockheed & betraying the samurai code Unusual FACTS
  • 6
    Cat - When a cat passed away in Ancient Egypt, every member of its household would shave their eyebrows off in mourning. Unusual FACTS
  • 7
    Cartoon - Stephen Colbert exists in the Marvel Universe. He ran for president and he helped Spider-Man defeat a villain o. 1 ntal Ca dellars Unusual FACTS
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  • 8
    Nature - There is an island in Puerto Rico inhabited exclusively by a few scientists and over 800 monkeys. It is a grand experiment that is off-limits to tourists. It is called Monkey Island Unusual FACTS
  • 9
    Community - Tania Head, a well known 9/11 survivor, faked being in the South Tower during the attacks and served as President of The WTC Survivors Network before people found out she was lying. She was not even in the United States during the attacks. ENIUM HILTON Unusual FACTS
  • 10
    Face - Thomas Jefferson argued that because no generation has a right to bind subsequent generations, the Constitution should expire every 19 years. Unusual FACTS
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  • 11
    Landmark - There is a city called "Batman" in Turkey. Unusual FACTS
  • 12
    Building - Treadmills were created to punish English prisoners in 1818. Unusual FACTS
  • 13
    Terrestrial animal - Africam is a website that brings you live 24/7 video feed of protected areas of southern Africa. You can watch elephants, giraffes, zebras, hyenas and other species in the wild living life. Unusual FACTS
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  • 14
    Nguyen Ngoc Loan, the executioner from the famous Vietnam War photo, opened a pizza joint in Virginia after the war ? Unusual FACTS
  • 15
    Skin - In Japan, you can hire a handsome man to show up at your office and watch sad videos with you until you cry, then wipe your tears for you. &J Unusual FACTS
  • 16
    Trophy - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs won Walt Disney a very special honorary Oscar: It consisted of one full-size statuette and seven miniature ones. Unusual FACTS 44 4
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  • 17
    Dog - A Shiba Inu named Bodhi makes $180,000 a year modeling men's wear on Instagram. Unusual FACTS
  • 18
    Text - A doctor once attempted to prove that the human soul had weight by placing dying patients on a giant scale at the moment of death. SOUL HAS WEIGHT, PHYSICIAN THINKS Dr.Macdougall of Haverhill Tolls, of Experiments at Death LOSS TO BODY RECORDED Seales Showed an Ounce Gone in One Cace, He Says-Four Other Doctors Present Steial e The New York Timet BOSTON, March 10-That the human soul has a defintte welght, whleh can be detormined when it passes from the body. 1s the bellef of Dr. Dunenn 3M
  • 19
    Ice hotel - The famous Swedish Ice Hotel, built every year out of giant chunks of ice from the Torne River, is now required by the Boverket National Housing Board to include fire alarms, despite being made entirely out of frozen water AX Unusual FACTS
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  • 20
    Water resources - The Aztec capital Tenochtitlán was the largest city in the Americas with over 200,000 people. It was built on a man-made island in the middle of a lake connected to shore by 3 causeways. It contained huge pyramids, floating gardens, aqueducts and canals. It was destroyed by the Spanish in 1521. Unusual FACTS
  • 21
    Sky - The Beatles refused to play to a segregated audience as stipulated in their contract in 1965 Unusual FACTS
  • 22
    Penguin - This is Nils Olav, the only penguin to be knighted by Norway. His full title is Colonel-in-Chief Sir Nils Olav. Unusual FACTS
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  • 23
    Forehead - Robert Downey Jr. thanked Burger King for getting him off drugs. In 2003, with a car full of drugs he had a burger that was so disgusting it made him rethink his life, and dump the drugs in the ocean. SHER LACOUNTY JA Unusual FACTS ALLERSSSA
  • 24
    White-collar worker - In the early 90's, a younger Bill Nye appeared on the Seattle sketch show "Almost Live" and corrected the host's pronunciation of gigawatt. (It's not jigowatt.) The host replied, "Who do you think you are-Bill Nye the Science Guy?" The nickname stuck. Unusual FACTS
  • 25
    Cat - Cats sleep an average of 2/3 of their life. This would mean a 9 year old cat has been awake for 3 years. Unusual FACTS
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  • 26
    Organism - In the 1700s, "macaroni" was a slang term for a fashionable man who dressed in an outlandish and androgynous fashion. Hence the mocking verse, "...stuck a feather in his hat and called it macaroni." Unusual FACTS
  • 27
    Ice cream - In Tokyo, you can buy Ice-Cream of many unusual flavors, including octopus, shrimp, horseflesh and cow tounge. ソフト 290 ミックスリフト 270 270 3 Unusual FACTS
  • 28
    Dairy cow - Freckles, a goat in Utah, was implanted with spider genes as an embryo to produce spider silk protiens in her milk which is used to make "biosteel," a material stronger than kevlar. Unusual FACTS
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  • 29
    Landmark - The world's tallest Lego tower was built in Budapest last year! RELETO 3assa Unusual FACTS
  • 30
    Nature - There's a hidden beach located off the coast of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Unusual FACTS
  • 31
    Forehead - Once, Pablo Escobar started a fire with $2 million because his daughter was cold. Unusual FACTS
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  • 32
    Water - When building the Golden Gate Bridge, the lead structural engineer insisted on the installation of a safety net even though its $130,000 cost was deemed exorbitant. Over the four years of its construction, the net saved 19 men, who named themselves the "Halfway to Hell Club." Unusual FACTS
  • 33
    Rock - The World's third oldest tree (Prometheus) was cut down by United States Forest Service Personnel for research purposes in 1964. At the time, it was thought to be 3000 years old, but it was later confirmed to be at least 4682 years old. Unusual FACTS
  • 34
    Adventure game - Eiffel Tower designer Gustave Eiffel included a 'secret' apartment for himself near the top! Unusual FACTS
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  • 35
    Insect - spiders big enough to There are eat snakes in Australia. Unusual FACTS
  • 36
    Bridge - During construction of the Golden Gate bridge a safety net was suspended under the floor of the Bridge from end to end. The net saved the lives of 19 men who became known as the "Halfway-to-Hell Club." Unusual FACTS
  • 37
    Cat - When physics Professor Jack H. Hetherington learned he couldn't be the sole author on a paper. (because he used words like "we" "our") Rather than rewriting the paper he added his cat as an author. ( CH AT MILK Unusual FACTS
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  • 38
    Fire hydrant - No one knows who invented the fire hydrant, because its patent was destroyed in a fire. Unusual FACTS
  • 39
    Cartoon - According to a Japanese poll in the year 2000, the Japanese believe that their best invention of the twentieth century was instant noodles. NSSIN saTANT NOOOLES NSTANT NOODLES チキン酸 asaNT socOLE aSTANT NOO0LES NSTANT NOODLES so-m でまラー油付 麻油 Unusual FACTS
  • 40
    Font - There was was a movement in the early 1900s called the "Technocracy movement" that wanted to replace all politicians and business people with scientists and engineers. CHU TECHNOCRACY TECHNOCRACY Unusual FACTS freri


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