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Top 10 Ferocious Feline Videos of Kitties Who Will Always Choose Violence

  • 1

    Classic orange cat behavior

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  • 2

    This girl straight up pulls a claw out of her face

  • 3

    POV your cat attacks you because you came home smelling like his mortal enemy (your grandmas cat)

  • 4

    Pt. 1 His claw got all the way stuck!!

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  • 5

    She's so evil that she gave herself an asthma attack

  • 6

    Cat fight from the cat's perspective

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  • 7

    The build up to the attack is intense

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  • 8

    It's the scream for me

  • 9

    Luna turning into a demonic cat with a taste for flesh

  • 10

    Mmmk this one's more of a bink, but deserves an honorable mention


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