I Can Has Cheezburger?

Amazon Cat Memes

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    If the shoe fits, order it from Amazon.

    cat meme about shoes on sale and just trying them on for size to buy later on Amazon.

    If the shoe fits, and is on sale, then buy it.

    If the shoe fits, but is not on sale, then try it on for size and order it when you get home off of Amazon.

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    Too bad you can't buy everything on Amazon

    Cat meme of kitten and momma cat pushing shopping cart and mom explaining that they can not buy everything on Amazon.

    If you did indeed just buy everything on Amazon, then you'd never know the joy of pushing your kitten around the supermarket.

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    Till my book deal comes in or Amazon has a sale on EVERYTHING

    cat meme of shopping on day before paycheck vs day after paycheck.

    I imagine that this would be a compounded problem if I ever win the lottery.

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    When 200 stores on Amazon are selling the product you want to buy

    GIF of a cat that has too many options in the store, like in Amazon.

    Would be easier if there was just one good store with a solid 5-star rating on Amazon than have to decide between hundreds.

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    Certain people need to stay off the Amazon website

    Cats meme of a cat in a hammock that is suction cupped onto the window and caption says certain people need to stay off Amazon



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