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Top 10 Craigslist Cat Memes

  • 1

    Fat Kitten Free on Craigslist:

    Fat kitten free on Craigslist

    Kitten is fat and free, but not fat free. Ain't nothing free that is fat free!

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  • 2

    When your secret on Craigslist is bad. Real bad.

    Funny Whisper comment about someone who claims they go on Craigslist and look at kitten pictures when they are sad.
  • 3

    Sorry Boss, gotta cat orgy on my car going on.

    Cat orgy that must have taken months on Craigslist for these cats to organize.

    'Must have taken them months to organize it on Cat Craigslist'

  • 4

    Ferocious Attack Kitten!

    Craigslist ferocious attack kitten
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  • 5

    Maths is hard sometimes.

    Bad math in this Craigslist ad for a free kitten for $5

    CRAIGSLIST: No ads for kittens unless it is for free.

    USER: Define free

  • 6

    Dog Sells Cat

    Dog goes on Craigslist and gives away the cat.

    For a low price to a good home.

  • 7

    Craigslist cats are typically alive, but...

    Craigslist posting for a vintage stuffed cat for sale with legit sounding back story.

    The back story is what really seals the deal for me.

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  • 8

    Cat Sells Dog

    Cat goes on the computer, logs onto Craigslist, and sells the dog for a good price.

    For a good price on Craigslist.

  • 9

    Craigslist cat confessions

    Screen grab of a well known Craigslist post of a person who claims to have accidentally stolen someones cat and wants to return it.

    Confess your cat transgressions and be absolved fur-ever!


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