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'She looked like uncooked shrimp': Ambitious fish lover buys the sickest betta at the pet store and magically resuscitates it in less than a week


Kids across the country have been bringing home goldfish from the county fair every summer that look like they've been to hell and back. The fish are housed in a bag for weeks and then take a quick ride on the Tilt-O-Whirl before getting sent home with a 6 year old who's begging their parents to stop by the pet store on the way home for their new fishy. As every parent knows, the outlook isn't good for Goldie. They give that fish a week. 

For Sarah, a TikToker, avid fish lover, and pet-atarian, every fish has a chance to be saved… even Lola, the most decrepit betta fish you've ever seen.

Lucky for Lola, her heroic savior was on her way to rescue her from certain demise. 


Sarah had a special place in her heart open up for Lola's predicament. While browsing for fish supplies (for her other scaly babies at home), Sarah noticed Lola cowering and shriveling into the corner of her little sales cup, literally losing fins from malnourishment and stress. 

While it's already insanely inhumane that these animals are stored in repurposed yogurt containers, Sarah was flabbergasted by the state of Lola's appearance. Betta are supposed to be insanely bright colored and vivid, but when they're stressed, malnourished or sick, the wash out and appear faded. 

Instead, Lola looked more like an 'uncooked shrimp' according to one commenter. 


Sarah was determined to turn the tables for Lola, adopting her on the spot and taking her home to live in the fishy equivalent of the Taj Mahal. Sarah has a tank of multiple fish that has everything a betta would want or need. Equipped with live plants, tons of hides, and a crew of new friends, Lola's life changed in an instant. 

After only a few days, Lola's appearance and well-being changed drastically! She became a bold-colored, reddish orange beauty after just a wee bit of TLC and a whole new lease on life. She literally grew back her limbs over the course of a few days, nourished by her superior environment, food, and the love of a hooman. 

Incredibly, Lola is thriving and doing amazing, which is not something any of us could have predicted. Fortunately there are people out there like Sarah who believe that they can help save fish that are on the brink of passing and can give them a whole new lease on life. 

My cute little girl 



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