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9 Insta- Famous Pets You Desperately Need To Follow

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    Exempeler, the 5-year-old mini lop rabbit is one of the fluffiest pets to ever hit social media. This bunny has mastered the art of looking cute at all times.

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    Pumpkin is no average raccoon. She spends most of her time snuggling with the her canine brothers, scouring the kitchen for snacks, and curling up on the couch.

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    Domestic pig

    Hamlet is a 3-year-old mini micro pig based in L.A., and she's a total Hollywood junkie

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    Juniper is a sassy domestic fox who isn't afraid to show her emotions. She's lazy until 4 p.mand she's happiest when spending time with her canine "boyfriend" Moose

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    Mammal - 2016 Wallyand Molly

    Human mom Molly documents the adorable adventures of English Angora rabbits Wally and Suki on their Instagram account.

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    Lionel the hedgehog has won our hearts with his friendliness and good time mood

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    Jaco is a Brazil-based cockatiel who describes himself as "lovable and curious" in his Instagram bio. He's constantly trying new things to show his followers that he can do it all.

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    Diddy and Yeti Kong are a seriously entertaining monkey duo. While the pair never fails to impress us with their cuteness, there's no denying that bath time is the best time.

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    Mr. Bagel the Chinchilla likes naps and treats—but most importantly, he knows the true value of a good photo prop.


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