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15 Interesting Useless Animal Facts

  • 1

    Some Male Songbirds Sing More Than 2000 times Each Day.

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  • 2

    If You Lift a Kangaroo’s Tail Off The Ground it Can’t Hop – They Use Their Tails For Balance

  • 3

    Sea Otters Hold Hands When They Sleep to Keep From Drifting Apart.

  • 4

    A Newborn Chinese Water Deer Is So Small It Can Almost Be Held In The Palm Of The Hand.

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  • 5

    Gorillas Can Catch Human Colds And Other Illnesses.

    Photo caption - Yes,Iseem to remember hearing something about that s
  • 6

    Cows Can Sleep Standing Up, But They Can Only Dream Lying Down.

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  • 7

    A Lion In The Wild Usually Makes No More Than Twenty Kills A Year.

    Mammal - Robert Heischman
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  • 8

    Blue-Eyed Lemurs Are One of Two (Non-Human) Primates to Have Truly Blue Eyes... And Always Look Surprised

  • 9

    The Female Lion Does 90% Of The Hunting

  • 10

    Squirrels Plant Thousands of New Trees Each Year Simply By Forgetting Where They Put Their Acorns

    Squirrel - Stop! Nobody move! I dropped my nuts!!
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  • 11

    On Average, Dogs Have Better Eyesight Than Humans, Although Not As Colorful.

    Old english bulldog
  • 12

    The Bat Is The Only Mammal That Can Fly

    Wing - VIA 9GAG.COM
  • 13

    The Average Fox Weighs 14 Pounds

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  • 14

    Killer Whales Are Not Whales At All, Rather a Species of Dolphin

    Wave - ww GIFAK.NET
  • 15

    Cats Have Lived With People For Only 7,000 Years

    Cat - In Ancient Egypt, cats were considered gods. Cats have not forgotten this


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