Loving Friendship Between A Leopard And Rottweiler (Video)

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This friendship is one for the history books, guys. It may be one of the cutest, most beautiful animal friendships we've ever seen. A leopard and a Rottweiler playing and cuddling in the snow together, and they look absolutely in love. Almost as in love with each other as we are with them. 

"The leopard cub learns to play carefully, even while honing its hunting skills, not to release its claws, to control the bite force," says the description of the video. "[A]t the same time, the formidable, but kind Rottweiler allows you to play, bite and climb on your back a cute, but serious kitten." 

You can tell just how much the two of them have adjusted to each other's styles of play, all for the sake of being besties, and the results are soooo heartwarming. 

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