Servers Share Some of the Strangest Requests They've Gotten From Customers

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    Font - Xiegfried16 3d When I was cooking in the military, someone requested a BLT sandwich but with no Bacon or Tomato. He wasnt kidding, he just wanted bread and lettuce. Reply 1.2k ↓

    "here's your L sir" said u/Cutsdeep-.

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    Font - janeusmaximus • 3d Flava Flav came in to the restaurant I worked at. It was a fancy seafood place. He ordered just a plate of cucumbers for himself, everyone else at his table ordered normal things. I'm guessing he maybe doesn't like seafood? Hilarious. Yes, he wore a giant clock chain and he let the staff take pics with him as he said "Flava Flav!" Really nice guy. Reply ... 1.8k ↓

    "I also served him once. Well done steak with ketchup. It was an Italian restaurant" said u/turnerincalgary.

    "I love that his name literally is flavor and he manages to pick the least appetizing option available." said u/phalseprofits.

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    Font - waffle-house420 • 3d Once had a dude order a large garden salad looked me dead ass in the eyes and very seriously said "No purple in it" and I just acted like ya sure ok with no followup questions. Ended up picking out anything purple colored in the salad and very nervously watched him pick through it. Was satisfied enough and left a decent tip. I can never unsee purple things in my salad now, but I eat em ... Reply 2.4k
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    Font - Honestnt 3d ● We had a woman send a grilled chicken salad back because it was cold. So we cooked some new chicken and made sure to send it back while still warm. She sent it back again. The entire salad wasn't hot enough for her. We microwaved her salad. She ate it. I don't know man.

    "Sometimes at my old job we would have nacho expo, and one guy asked for lettuce instead of chips which, no problem, I love a taco salad. Except all he wanted for toppings was nacho cheese. He wanted a hot nacho salad"

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    Font - shadowgnome396 • 3d Once a very thin, middle aged woman came in. She couldn't have weighed more than 100 pounds soaking wet. She asked what our biggest steak was. I told her it was the 24 oz. ribeye. She said, "okay I'll have that." Our steaks came with two sides, so I asked which ones she'd like. She said "I don't want sides." I told her they were included in the price, and she still refused them. S I bring out her steak and she begins eating. She's about a third of the way through when

    "She was legit 3% steak after the meal." said u/Folgers37.

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    Font - jjwax • 3d A grilled cheese, atkins style (this was like early 2000s) My boss told me to microwave 3 slices of cheese and charge her $8 for it. She was thrilled ... Reply 2.8k ↓
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    Font - jreed356 3d ● Honestly, I'd say the weirdest thing was that while I was a server at a restaurant in the Royal Hawaiian, a guest asked me to book a shark adventure tour. It had nothing to do with my job or even the hotel. Those tours were entirely separate businesses. I took his black card, went to guest services, picked up a pamphlet, and booked the tour. He tipped me $250 dollars. Totally worth it! Reply 15.3k ↓
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    Font - rohothemadlad • 3d A middle aged lady insisted she didn't like soda water or sparkling water so instead asked for a white wine spritzer without the white wine... there are two ingredients to a white wine spritzer. White wine and soda water. ... Reply 6.1k ↓

    "I served a lady a long island iced tea and she got mad that the ice was floating on the top instead of the bottom. Sorry ma'am, I'll just go ahead change the laws of physics and make you a new one." said u/frostandtheboughs.

    "She wanted ice made with heavy water." said u/nuttmilk69.

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    Font - Sub_pup • 3d 2 Awards I had this couple come in with their own tea set. The man asked me if had a few minutes to "learn a few things"? They were the second table sat so I humored him. He showed me a very specific way of steeping and pouring the tea over a sugar cube and had me try it a couple times with water. The whole thing was sort of neat. He then asked if I would mind serving them their tea this very particular way. They were super kind, even tough the man had sort of an intense vibe
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    Font - and he also asked that I keep his wife's water glass full at all times. I knew it was going to be a good table when the first time I came by and refilled her water glass and inquired if they needed any more tea, the man handed me $20 and sort of dismissed me. He did it twice more that afternoon. At the end they paid with no tip (I thought) but $60 and a cool lesson was enough for me. My manager found me about an hour later and handed me and envelope and said they told him they only will c

    "20 years from now you're going to be visited by a lawyer in a bowler hat and handed a black velvet envelope. Within, you'll find a letter, inscribed with gold on parchment, the contents will read thus: 'Regretfully, we have passed beyond the veil. Alone among many have we trained you well enough to carry on The Work.' At this point, you'll be black-bagged, whereupon you'll wake up in a castle, location unknown, sitting at a medieval table of stout oak, with a very familiar tea set sitting in front of you. A single placard on the table will read 'Please begin, time runs short.' A deep rumble will resonate from the earth below you. Best you not dally." said u/xenoterranos.

    "No way you're not someone's DM." said u/SonOfZaknafein.

    "hahaha 100% guilty as charged" replied u/xenoterranos.

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    Font - OneBroke GunWhore • 3d In college I worked at a burrito shop on campus. One night this guy who was stoned out of his mind ordered a burrito with everything on it, 3x salsa, sour cream, extra beans, meat, rice, everything. I could barely wrap the burrito. He walks over and sits at a table and takes one bite and all the burrito contents shot out the bottom. He just went "oh no" and then just started eating it out of his lap and off the table. It was entertaining to watch. Reply 2.2k

    "I want 'oh no' burrito guy to eat with 'I've made a mistake' chicken soup hot dog lady. Like, they were weird enough to make it into this thread but they realized their mistakes, owned them, and no one got cussed out, demeaned, or a 1 star review written about them." said u/Dason37.

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    Font - mrfancypantsssss • 3d A tablecloth! A gentleman shat himself at a booth and asked for a tablecloth so he could walk out with it wrapped around him, I still serve him to this day and that was around 15yrs ago, no shame. Back he comes once a week. We never asked about getting the tablecloth back... Reply 8.2k ↓

    "Respect for helping him out in his time of need" said u/Rhamona_Q.

    "Not food related…. I walked into a public bathroom once and based on the smell and the gentle sobbing and cussing coming from a stall knew a guy had exploded prematurely and was in a hell of a mess. I just said 'we've all been there man, what can I do to help.' Guy slid his car keys under the stall, described his car and where he was parked and said his gym bag was in the trunk. I fixed him up." said u/Shouty_Dibnah.

    "It's people like you who help me keep my faith in humanity." replied u/Weave77.

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    Font - Saltyseabanshee • 3d This man told me he couldn't have anything that has been "ground up" at some point. So like, can't use anything with flour in it. Not because the gluten, but because it was made small at one point. My man, that is not a thing. Reply 2k ↓

    "We had a lady tell a server that she was 'allergic to crispy.'" said u/amazonhelpless.

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    Font - Jackal209 3d A whole bottle of fish sauce. And they used the whole bottle of fish sauce. Reply 3.1k ↓

    "UMAMAMI THIS MOTHERFUCKER!" exclaimed u/rustblooms.

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    Font - horton_hears_a_homie • 3d The place I worked at had little water cups on the table and we kept them filled for customers. I sat a party of two women (who said they were waiting for a third person) and went to fill their water cups. When I asked if I should fill the third one or wait for the third person to arrive, one woman said "Oh, no need, he's trying to quit." I thought it was a joke, and when the third person (a man) got there, I went to fill his water. He said "No, don't fill it, I'

    "Worked with a guy on a fishing boat that claimed to never drink water. Weirdest person I've ever met. Really good work ethic though and to my knowledge and his credit I never saw the man drink a glass of water. But my god could he put away milk. Like a gallon+ a day. Used to mix flavoring packets with it. Nothing like working 16 hours hauling in fish and finishing your night with a nice cold glass of grape flavored milk. Used to make everyone sick watching him drink that shit." said u/Friendly_Fisherman_7.

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    Handwriting - Mr_TigerZ 3d ● I work at Dominos. Asked a guy if he wanted any toppings on his pizza, and he 100% seriously asked me "do you guys have coconut?" Reply 1.1k ↓
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    Font - tehvillageidiot. 3d I had a couple that told me to wait before I prebussed their table so the man could lick every plate clean first. They had multiple apps and entrees between them and he licked every single one CLEAN before I was allowed to take it. They weren't in a private booth or anything. The other guests could see this happening. Reply ... 3.2k
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    Font - Guacamole86Avocados • 3d Guacamole without avocados - the whole reason behind my name. She was completely serious too... ... Reply 2.1k ↓
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    Font - Sunless_Tatooine • 3d "Chicken is vegetarian." Lady orders pizza with chicken, for the table. Rest of the table argued with her that they're vegetarians. She can have chicken on her own pizza with chicken. She replied chicken is vegetarian... refused to understand that her friends were trying to get a vegetarian meal. ... Reply 4.2k ↓


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