10 Times Devious Troublemaking Students Got the Best of Their Teachers

  • 1

    Looks like Prof is cool with the new desk arrangement

    Students move teacher's desk outside on roof of school.
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  • 2

    There's something a bit fishy about these water bottles.

    Students put goldfish in every water bottle in vending machine.
  • 3

    Well done yearbook squad, well done.

    Yearbook team managed to get batman in yearbook.
  • 4

    Honestly, if I were a teacher I wouldn't even be that mad. Pretty damn impressive.

    Students build wall of empty water bottles around teacher's desk.
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  • 5

    Had to have been an AP class.

    Students pull prank and magnetize chairs to ceiling.
  • 6

    Like, just, HOW?

    Students pull prank and put tons of tires on flagpole.
  • 7

    We see what you did there.

    Someone put wet floor sign in pool.
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  • 8

    Now all we need are some cats to rule over this.

    Students create web of yarn in classroom.
  • 9

    The cups on the cabinet shelves show some serious extra dedication.

    Students prank with tons of empty paper cups in classroom.
  • 10

    Apparently it's "Park Like a Douche Day"

    Students pull off prank and park like douchebags.


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