I Can Has Cheezburger?

17 People That Will Never Shop Online Again

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    Not exactly what I've imagined

    Clothing - Spaghetti Strap Cut Out Club Dress GINGER: Club Dresses | ZAFUL ful.com nicolaaa@_nicolawheeldon 14 Dec 2015 pic.twitter.com/CIIFH61 YUY Never shopping online again 115K 240 13K
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    Wanted a tank, they sent me a dress

    Selfie - Verizon 27% 7:37 PM amazon.com wwRES FINDS ON AMAZON O amazon Prime Q e foney GD en's Workout Stringer Muti Colored Tank Top Muscle S Size Chart Size: Select Size
  • 3

    Well, it fits the cat

    Crochet - Well, it fits the cat By sb043 "Christy" on Apr 11, 2015 My 16 y.o. daughter bought this thing. It is ridiculously small and I probably couldn't legally post a picture of what it looks like if she attempts to wear it. But, so you can see... here is a picture of our cat wearing it. To be fair, it does cover all of the cats nipples, however, she hates the weave. In summary, do not buy this, even for your cat.
  • 4

    Get ready for summer

    Font - ellie harford Follow @ellharfordxo How can my mum order deckchairs for the garden for her and my dad and this is what dead came RETWEETSLIKES 7,890 5,376 10:37 AM - 8 Jul 2015 56 t5.4K 7.9K
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    Not too pleased

  • 6

    My boss got a bargain on 50 chairs in an online auction. apparently, it was from elementary school

  • 7

    Bought this t-shirt online. So far, I'm getting a lot of weird looks

    T-shirt - LONDON
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  • 8

    It was supposed to be a surprise, guys

    Text - Order No: 4924533 Address: Nicole Davies,. 1TA, Unled Kingdom Delivery Instructions It's a surprise party for my mother and we live togetherSo please can the box not look obvious it's party supplies 2016 n 27 @Nicole Daviess_red Tried to surprise my mum for Mother's Day. put this in the special requirements and they FUCKIN PRINT IT ON THE BOX pic.twitter.com/jXHWmVKFIG 3 7.5 אלף 12 אלף 111
  • 9

    Imagine squeezing into this

    Material property - Follow my mom thought she ordered some cheap leggings for herself and this came in the mail LMAO im done with life sav @liveggiez waze 0783 1D 2011063 H 77546 845222 om: 11/21/20 llo. SE # 98591146 agan sometime Sean for relurns TO: ces Field Reyal Phwy ld Phwy X TS46-3215 dswood TX T7546 cription LIKES RETWEETS 42,390 31,490
  • 10

    Wrong size, guys

    Font - George Riggall @GeorgeRiggall Follow Pretty sure these aren't 32" length @ASOS RETWEETS LIKES 22,064 43,655 9:22 AM -26 May 2016 22K 410 44K
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  • 11

    I wish...

    Clothing - Samantha Tan @SamGotThatTan Follow Never again will I order a dress from China. Never again chiai DHg
  • 12

    Could be a problem

    Product - brendablancarte @brendablancart2 Follow My roomate ordered a TV stand off amazon.... This is what came WARNING! CHOKING HAZARD SPa ational Miniatre ALITY DOLLHOUSE ACCESSORIES. RETWEETS LIKES
  • 13

    A cosy tent for you and your family

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  • 14

    Always zoom in

    Clothing - intoxicated Follow @fxck_chrissy Thought i brought the cutest little pj set from Ann Summers until i looked closer at the pattern RETWEETS LIKES 13,702 17,379
  • 15

    Ordered a desk lamp from Amazon. I should have read the specs more carefully

    Gadget - ১०
  • 16

    Pretty sure that's not what I've ordered

    Flower - Colleen Kane 13 ברואר @-ערך2015 1-800-Flowers.com don't know about th is, you guys. I don't think this is what I ordered. Mative Hetland F גי תרגןם 1-800-Flowers.com Dy י שתפי 43 א תופים 22 תגובות ם ג ת וספות John Kane Jr I would think a professional florist could do better. ג תרגןם 1 06:33םיברואר 5 Mika Rivera You're also on Mashahlel
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    Thanks but no thanks

    Text - Thanks for the flowers substitution Today's delivery... @sainsburys! Dear Ms Bradish We want you to be totaty satisfied with your delivery Oy afferences between your order and delivery. The s those in your order confirmation email For the exact p the top of your receipt Fou requested to have vour order delivered without ca This is for health and safety reasons such as keeping ra charged for these carrier bags annd you can return then Thank you for shopping online with Sainsbury's Items we


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