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All The Shocking (And Not So Shocking) Moments In The Walking Dead's Season 4 Finale

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    Life on the Farm Was So Laid Back

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    Hey guys, remember when they killed Hershel earlier this season? You did from the first shot last night. It was great seeing the crew's doctor and moral center back in the prison yard helping Rick with his parenting, but boy did my allergies act up. Anyone got a tissue?

    Plus this moment brought many manly tears:
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    We Ship Daryl and Rick

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    Our two most prolific walker killers finally reunited last night. It was a tense moment (we'll deal with that later) but afterward they got straight back to their bromance. I don't know where Michonne is going to fit in this new family, because I swear Rick said "You're my lover", not "brother".
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    Rick Took a Leaf From The Walker Playbook

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    It's a good thing Hershel wasn't around to see this. When our Ricktator sank his teeth into Joe the Hunter's voice box, he put Farmer Rick and Spaghetti Tuesdays to pasture.

    This was easily the most dramatic scene of the episode and the moment everyone will be talking about for the next seven months. But it begs the question, where does human end and the monster begin?
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    Where'd You Get That Watch?

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    And then there was Terminus...

    Was I the only one who nearly soiled myself in entire sequence? Not only were Rick, Carl, Daryl and Michonne in harm's way, but I was sure the rest of team prison had become left overs in Gareth's fridge. Is there any other way Glenn would give up Hershel's watch?

    Because in case you forgot, manly tears:

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    But Don't Worry, Everyone Lives!

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    Of course, Rick's crew gets captured and they end up locked in a train car like so much cattle, but look who else is there. Literally everyone is alive at the end of the finale, and everyone on the internet kicked themselves.

    But I guess the Doctor's happy.
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    Make Sure To Cut Out The "F" Bomb

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    The show ends on a line of dialogue that's easily in Rick's Top 10 Most "Setting-Up The Tone of The Season Moments". Seriously, it belongs with, "This isn't a democracy, anymore" and "Stuff, Lori, thangs". The only issue is it literally comes verbatim from the comics, but with a minor addendum: no cussing.

    Rick may have embraced the brutality within, but he's not too far gone to stop watching his language (there are children present!).

    What They Didn't Answer
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    Where's Beth?

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    Beth is still MIA. After last night's episode, I'm less inclined to believe she was taken by the folks at Terminus. If it wasn't them, who was it?
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    What's Actually Going On at Terminus?

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    We have a pile of bones, so cannibalism sounds about right, but that candle lit vigil room was something out of left field. What do you think is happening, there?
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    Will Carol and Tyreese Save The Day?

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    They're the smallest team from the prison group and they're carrying a baby, but they're the only people left outside of Terminus (possibly). Will Carol and Tyreese be able to save everyone before they end up on the grill? Will Little Ass Kicker see her family again? Will Carol's gas cans finally come to good use? We'll just have to wait until next fall. This is going to be a long summer.


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