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5 Audience Reaction GIFs Capturing the Emotions of The Undertaker's Defeat at Wrestlemania

  • 1

    These Are The Faces of Pure Shock

    gif fans watch in shock after brock lesanr win
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  • 2

    Utter Confusion Spreads Across The Audience

    gif people hold their heads in shock
  • 3

    The Homo-Eroticism is Just Too Much For Some Men to Contain Their Passion

    gif person reacting dramatically to undertaker defeat
  • 4

    The Audience Members React to The Unwanted Closeness

    gif shocked fans watching brock lesnar beat the undertaker
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  • 5

    Just Say "Yes, Professional Wrestling is The Most Important Sport on The Planet."

    gif wide eyes fan reacting to brock lesnar wrestling match win


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