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24 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life

  • 1

    Microwaving Leftovers

    How to properly configure leftovers on the plate for the microwave.

    Dig a hole in your leftovers when heating them up in the microwave so the heat will spread evenly.

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  • 2

    Listening to Music on Your Phone

    Placing an iphone in a cup to amplify the music nicely.

    Want to enhance the sound? Put your phone in a cup when playing music. Empty cup.

  • 3

    Removing Trash Bags

    Drill little hole in the trash can to help remove the bags out when they are full, but breaking the vacuum.

    Drill holes in a trash can to prevent suction issues when pulling out and inserting a trash bag.

  • 4

    Going To Sleep

    Break insomnia by getting out of bed when you can't sleep.
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  • 5

    Crossing Out Words

    How to properly cross out words.
  • 6

    Eating Chinese

    How to properly open up rice for Chinese food.

    You're supposed to turn your Chinese takeout container into a plate - but only if you're sure you won't have leftovers.

  • 7

    Organizing Spray Bottles

    Use a rod to organize spray bottles under the sink

    Using a clothing rod to hang your spray bottles will help you to save space (and eliminate that fun domino effect of grabbing a bottle and knocking over the whole row.)

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  • 8

    Keeping Manuals

    Example of user manual for a device.

    Whenever you buy a product, go to the manufacturer's site and upload the digital version of the manual onto Google Drive or Dropbox, and you'll never have to keep paper copies again.

  • 9

    Untying a Knot

    Twist and push method of undoing knots in a garbage bag.
  • 10

    Using aluminum foil and plastic wrap

    How to properly open up a role of tin foil

    Press those thingies on the side to keep the roll from flying out.

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  • 11

    Charging The Battery

    No reason to wait till you battery is low to charge it, just charge whenever is good.
  • 12

    Placing The Toilet Seat Cover

    How to properly place toilet seat covers, with flag in the front.

    You're supposed to place the flag of toilet seat covers in the front, not in the back.

  • 13

    Filling a Container With Water

    How to use a dustpan to fill up a bucket.

    Position a dustpan in a way that will funnel the water into the container below.

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  • 14

    Keeping Cords Untangled

    How to use a bread tag to wind up earphones or other cords.

    This actually solves two problems — keeping cords untangled and making use of those annoying bread tags. Just wind them up, attach it, and you're good-to-go.

  • 15

    Eating a Cupcake

    Awesome cupcake hack.

    Cut the bottom off and turn it into a sandwich so you get frosting in every bite.

  • 16

    Packing Clothes

    Roll your clothes up nice and tight to take up less space when packing for a trip.

    To take up less space, roll up your clothes when packing 

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  • 17

    Drinking Soda

    Putting the soda straw thru the tab to keep it down.

    Put your straw through your soda can tab to keep it from floating up and away.

  • 18

    Making Sandwiches

    Sandwich hack
  • 19

    Opening a Key Ring

    Staple remover to open up a key ring.
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  • 20


    Raise your feet a bit to poop properly.
  • 21

    Using Sauce Cups

    How to hack a sauce cup to hold more ketchup.

    Unroll the rims so you can dip your burger in ketchup or add even more ketchup to the cup. 

  • 22

    Eating Popcorn From a Bag

    How to properly open up a bag of popcorn.

    Reach into the popcorn bag by strategically ripping the bag for easy access

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  • 23

    Bobby Pinning

    how to use a bobby pin correctly
  • 24

    Making Pasta

    Don't drain the pasta under cold water unless recipe tells you to.


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