Freshly Adopted Doggo Slowly Warms Up To New Family

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Via The Dodo
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When Walt was first adopted, he was so hesitant to trust and very anxious. During his car ride home he would not even make eye contact with his new owners. He was very reluctant to engage and it was more than evident to his new owners that he had not been treated properly by humans in the past. When he reached his new door, he was perplexed, as if he had never been inside a house before. 

Slowly but surely, Walt begins to warm up to his new family. His new family being his owners as well as his doggo sibling. He was hesitant to sleep on his dog bed, choosing the cold floor instead. After a period of time with the new family, Walt hops into bed with his doggo sibling and they cuddle together all night! We hope you enjoy watching Walt's amazing transformation as much as we did. He truly is a special doggy.

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