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Want to Know Who Murdered Joffrey?

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    Remember that scene where Lady Olenna goes over to Sansa, fiddles with her hair, and tells her she's real sorry about what happened to her brother? She says something that in retrospect is absolutely fantastic: "War is war, but killing a man at a wedding? Horrid. What sort of monster would do such a thing?" Lady Olenna would, that's who. In her defense, Joffrey's not much of a man. He's more of a wretched, vile rat.
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    See something missing there? While she was fiddling with Sansa's hair, Olenna took a gem off of Sansa's necklace, which, if you remember, was given to her in the previous episode by "the Fool," disgraced knight Dontos Hollard.

    But that gem is not a gem at all. It's poison.
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    Poison that Lady Olenna then drops off in Joffrey's drink on her way to eat some of the food she paid for.
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    Amidst the chaos of Joffrey choking to death, Dontos appears to spirit Sansa away, looking totally unalarmed by current events. He looks to be in on it, but certainly doesn't have the means to pull it off alone.

    I wonder who else might want to keep Sansa safe? hint hint
    I guess you'll just have to keep watching (or read the books) to find out!


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