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Tyrion's Taking This Whole Imprisonment Thing Really Well

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    I for one am a part of the Free Tyrion committee, but Tyrion seems to be taking the whole thing in cheeky stride. Check out his best moments from episode three:

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    Good try, noble squire! At least he got him something decent to eat. Now if only he could convince someone of Tyrion's innocence. I mean, he's got a pretty good defense:

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    Now, if only he could figure out who did it:

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    As well as he's taking this whole thing, though, Tyrion seems to be getting a little paranoid:

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    Or maybe he isn't paranoid. Here's hoping Podrick takes his advice.

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    Heart of gold, that Tyrion Lannister. Long live the little lion! You hear me GRRM?? LONG LIVE TYRION!


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