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Father Dresses Up Daughter In Hilarious Costumes For Photoshoots

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    Building my babys crib at the ymca??????????!!!

    Even before Zoe was born, Sholom had been taking pictures dressed up. 

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    Natgeo wild on location ????????!!

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    "Me love to eat cookies, sometimes me eat whole, sometimes me chew it"??????!!!

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    When mum goes out to play... daddy gets take away ??????!!

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    It's all in the hips ??????????!!!

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    Meanwhile back at home...

    The London born dad got the idea to continue these photoshoots after Zoe was born when he saw how well behaving and willing she was to take pictures. 

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    Hide and seek level ??!!!!!

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  • 8

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand plié... !!!

  • 9

    Uh oh ????!!

  • 10

    Gnome is where the heart is ??????!! #lifeofdad #dadlife

    Although she's a natural and very patient, Sholom acknowledges that sometimes the costumes can be a bit irritating. (Like this gnome beard?) 

    But, it's all in the name of art Zoe!

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    License and registration please mam ?????????????!!

  • 12

    Partners in crime??????!!

  • 13

    Be fruitful and multiply..they said ????????!!

    Luckily for all of us, he's just getting started! In an interview with Scarymommy.com he said "I plan to take photos with her as long as she will let me." 

    Hopefully that will be a while, since we are loving these pictures! 

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    So Where's His Wife When All This Is Happening?

    Cheezburger Image 9047733248

    She's the one taking the photos! 

    We have no doubt that one day (When Zoe is much older) she will look back at these pictures laugh and just know that she has a special and hilarious bond with her parents. 

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